This £10 mirror is the perfect dupe for Oliver Bonas' £125 sellout product

Art Deco vibes on a budget? Count us in

Green Aurora glass wall mirror
(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

We've found a dupe for this top-rated Oliver Bonas mirror that's sold out everywhere – and the best part? It will only set you back £10 compared to its £125 counterpart.

Sprucing up your bedroom mirror or living room mirror ideas shouldn't have to cost a fortune, and Primark has never failed in delivering products that are right on the nose with the latest home decor trends while still qualifying as a budget decorating idea.

As mirror trends ebb and flow throughout the interior scene (like the organic-shaped mirror trend), mirrors have easily become a staple in many rooms as either a statement or complementary piece. This time, we've got our eyes set on the Art Deco vibe, and with this Primark version of a fan-favourite Oliver Bonas pickup, you can enjoy the look for less.

Aurora glass wall mirror in assorted colours and sizes

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

Oliver Bonas Aurora mirror Primark dupe

Our Deputy Digital Editor, Rebecca Knight, spotted the Primark mirror in person over the weekend at the Tottenham Court Road branch and could instantly weigh it up against the Oliver Bonas version as a formidable dupe.

Both boasting an Art Deco, statement vibe with large framing and curved edges, sporting either of these mirrors in your home would easily turn heads.

Oliver Bonas' Aurora Green Glass Wall Mirror retails for £125 and has over 200 five-star reviews, with multiple shoppers calling it 'beautiful', 'unique', and saying it 'looks very expensive'. However, unsurprisingly, the green colourway is a fan-favourite and has since been out of stock.

Green Aurora glass wall mirror

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

Therefore, if you've had your eye on the Oliver Bonas version and are simply waiting for a restock (or are just after an affordable alternative regardless), that's where Primark's Contrast Glass Frame Mirror works its magic.

Coming in at only £10, this mirror is chic, modern, and built to complement (and even elevate) your decor choices. We think it's the perfect way to make your living room look expensive on a budget, or even as a hallway or bathroom mirror idea.

However, do be aware that the Primark version is considerably smaller than the Oliver Bonas version. So, if you were after a large mirror, this might not be the right one for you. But, if you like the look and want to bring it into your home in tidbits, it'll likely be a winner.

Green contrast glass frame mirror

(Image credit: Primark)

You can check its availability at a Primark close to you on their website, and hey, you might just be one of the lucky ones who gets to take this beauty home.

In fact, as I'm writing this (as an avid enjoyer of everything green and pretty), I might just have to pop into Primark later to get a glimpse of this beauty for myself.

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