And just like that, we've tracked down Carrie's glamorous bedding - and an equally gorgeous dupe

Like the sheets but not the price? No problem

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(Image credit: Yves Delorme)

As the second season of Carrie Bradshaw and co’s escapades in And Just Like That comes to an end with yesterday’s final episode, we are still grieving the loss of the titular character’s iconic apartment that has hit us hard. But while thinking about the dreamy flat, the transformations it has gone through and deriving some home decor ideas from it, we couldn’t help but wonder where Carrie Bradshaw's bedding is from. 

The fabulous floral sheets have caught our eye when watching the season 2 trailer a few months ago already. Do you remember the shot of Carrie trying on a pair of shoes surrounded by more shoe boxes and shopping bags in her bedroom? Guess what she’s sitting on while giving us some great bedroom ideas.

And just like that, we found out exactly where Carrie got her bedding from. But given the Yves Delorme Eaux bed set’s steep price tag starting at £69 for a single pillowcase and ending at £239 for a duvet cover, we took it upon ourselves to find you (and us) a more affordable Carrie Bradshaw bedding dupe. Enter the Joules bedding set from Argos.

While at Yves Delorme, £70 will get you just one pillowcase, at Argos, you can get the whole set for that price. Depending on your bed size, of course.

While the two sets are not identical, we love the vibrant floral prints and watery aqua blue tone on both that is soothing and rejuvenating at the same time. The  luxurious Yves Delorme set is also crafted from silkier cotton sateen, compared to the regular cotton of the Joules set from Argos.

‘Adding some statement bedding to your bed is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to refresh your bedroom,’ says Amy Lockwood, Ideal Home’s Decor Editor. ‘It's also a great option if you're renting as you can inject some of your personal style without painting walls or changing up the furniture. A large print like this is also perfect for creating a focal point in the bedroom that draws attention away from areas you may be less happy with and will really lift your spirits and help to create a happy home. Plus, there are some great bedding deals on at the moment, so you can easily update your bedroom's look for less'.

But considering that the bed sheets have made a cameo in multiple episodes of the second season, which are meant to take place over the span of a year, we wonder if Carrie knows how often to change bed sheets. We don't recommend following her lead on that one.

Sara Hesikova
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