6 everyday truths only a collector would understand

We've all got valuable objects and collections that we would never get rid of, but here are a few home truths that only a die-hard collector would understand

You know your passion for stamps/beanie babies/old storage jars? Well at some point you decided to take it to the next stage and turn it into a full-blown collection. From lack of space, to nightmare cleaning senarios, here’s a few facts you know to be true…

1. Everything has a value

What do you mean it’s just an old matchbox? When you’re a collector you understand that everything has a value – from a small brooch to a set of stamps. No car boot sale is safe with your perusing all the old toys/vintage tins/commemorative coins in search of a bargain and another amazing find for your collection.

2. You will run out of room to display things

If this hasn’t already happened, brace yourself, because it will. No shelf space is clear, no wall space left untouched when the serious collector is around…

3. Your loft has become a no-go area

Whether it’s your loft or some built-in storage, chances are it’ll be packed to the rafters, You’ve also got a whole host of other stuff in boxes in the bedroom need storing. Help!

4. Cleaning your house has become a nightmare

Who’s got the time to dust every porcelain mouse/sweetheart brooch/toy soilder sitting on every shelf in your home. As a collector, you’ve got hundreds, maybe even thousands. The truth is, even if you had the time, there is no way you can be bothered.

5. You can’t invite people over anymore

A true collector will have hundred of boxes (packed with collectables) dotted all around the home. Lack of space means people can’t visit anymore. Nevermind, eh? If they don’t want to talk about your obscure Swatch collection then what’s the point of having them over in the first place?

6. People think you are weird

A collectable is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector but not necessarily monetarily value, hence some people think you are weird. They don’t understand. End of.

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