Flower power: 5 style-steals to make your home blossom

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  • Festoon your home with florals and life will take on a rosy glow

    1 Opt for drama on a feature wall

    ‘I discovered this dark floral hand-printed wallpaper on Instagram,’ says the owner. ‘I love the way it feels like being surrounded by an old Dutch oil painting.’ This bold statement floral wallpaper idea works equally well in a small or large space- it’s meant to be a bit OTT!

    2 Go full-on floral in the living room

    ‘You can never surround yourself with too many florals,’ says the owner, who has sprinkled them in abstract interpretations over the sofa, cushions and artwork. Vivid blooms, artfully displayed in colourful vases, are used as an eye-catching focal point along one wall too.

    3 Make a big impact in a small space

    ‘It may be tiny but I wanted my office niche to look bright and sunny all year round,’ says the owner. Now I feel inspired when it’s time to tackle the admin.


    Move flower power into the bedroom

    ‘I had a grey bed for so long, I can’t believe how much more inspiring it is to wake up in flower-sprigged splendor,’ she says. By changing the bed the whole room has taken on a spring-like vibe.

    5 Pimp up the powder room

    ‘I had a lot of fun with old-fashioned florals in the downstairs loo,’ says the owner who has offset a sprigged-pattern wallpaper with a show-stopping artwork with the vibe of an old master. ‘People think it’s extravagant to hang artwork here but it lifts my spirits and makes me smile every time I see it.’

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