How to make an orchids and vases display

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    Looking for living room decorating ideas? Be inspired to fill your home with an everlasting flower display. Prices shown include the vases but, of course, you could use ones you already have in the cupboard at home.

    30 minutes, plus drying time


    What you’ll need
    * 3 x Blomster vases, £1.89 each, Ikea
    * Jack Black paint tester pot, £3.40, Little Greene
    * 3 x Plum paper flower stems, £4.50 for three, Wilkinson

    Group in threes for a chic hotel-style trick.

    1) Wash and throughly dry your vases.
    Tip about 1/3 of the paint tester pot into one vase, and swirl around
    to cover the inside completely. Tip out any excess. Repeat for the other
    vases and leave to dry for at least 48 hours.

    2) Using pliers, divide the flower stems into smaller pieces – we cut ours into four (don’t worry about any single flowers that come off, as you can wire these back on).

    3) Twist the smaller pieces together, using florist’s wire to bind, if needed, then display the stems in the vases.

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