Its’s showtime – 6 creative displays for big impact

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  • Easy ways to style your shelves, walls and tabetops

    1. A coffee table made from perspex or with a glass top and a mirrored second shelf can be a
    good way of displaying eclectic pieces or even books and magazines. The different elements of your
    collection do not have to match. I suggest collecting small interesting
    pieces of wood or shells from the beach, sculptural objects such as a
    Buddha and interesting vintage books.

    2. A collection of decorative pieces such as plates or jewellery can form a wonderful display item. Make sure to choose items that complement each other. Then arrange for them to be framed in a Perspex box that can either be hung on the wall or used on a coffee table as a central feature piece.

    3. A vintage piece of fabric can be used as a fantastic wall feature. Stretched and mounted on batten so it hangs invisibly works well. If the material is delicate, consider a Perspex box to protect it; this will also make it feel luxurious, museum-quality textile.

    4. A collection of colourful glass paperweights looks fantastic displayed on thick glass shelves. Choose low-iron glass to prevent the glass edge appearing green in colour and give a floating effect. If budget allows, then add concealed LED lighting to show off the glass paperweights and give a soft glow to the display cabinet at night. This also works with other glass objects, such as Lalique,, vases or antique decanters.

    5. For a rustic display idea, I suggest recycled apple boxes stacked on their side to form a bookcase wall. Then I recommend filling it with a mix of vintage tins, wind-up toys, wooden carved cigar boxes and other local items from your area.

    6. If you only have one item that you wish to display, give it extra prominence by standing it on a base. Bronze and stained wood both look great. The base will usually be square with a slightly recessed area to stand the piece in which makes it stable.

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