Punk up your pastels: 6 ways to give your space a rock’n’roll edge

Loving the pretty palette? Or do pastels leave you feeling Pretty Vacant? Never Mind the bull of style dictats, give your sundae shades some attitude and rock the house. This is the cool side of sweet.

1. Rebel yellGo fluoro pastels! Vivid lemon, shocking turquoise… A radiator from Bisque‘s bright new Acid range is an easy way to shake up a scheme and inject a little attitude into your space.

2. Think geometric
Edge up a muted colour scheme with black geometric lines. Puncture that tasteful serenity with a quirky, angular lamp, graphic patterned cushions and a stylised chrome armchair. Hell yeah.

3. Channel an industrial lookBare basin legs, blocky storage units, metal tube chairs – subvert any girlieness in the palette with a pared-down approach to furnishings. A chunky textured rug never goes amiss either.

4. Retro cool
Masculine mid-century-style furniture will also neutralise an airy-fairy scheme. Just say no to matchy matchy styling and any twee Battenberg cake combos by introducing grey shades – which will also bring the look bang up to date.

5. Give it a bit of metal Why save cast-ironwork for the garden? Punk is supposed to be shocking. Work it in an intimate space like a bedroom. And pastels don’t have to be all strawberry pink or vanilla yellow. For alternative stylistas, that palette’s lost its taste, so try another flavour… (apologies to Adam Ant.) This light blackcurrant hue really rocks.

6. The ClashPunk has no rules. Go ahead and mash it up. Mix your primary colours with your pale shades, your stripes with your checks, your hard edges with your airy textures… Swap your headboard for wall lights. While not quite Anarchy in the UK, we all like playing around with ideas and conventions. Look at that valance – has tulle ever looked so cool?

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