How a simple IKEA cabinet can be transformed into an on-trend chrome storage unit

A shining example of a successful IKEA hack

IKEA cabinet hack updated with a chrome vinyl wrap
(Image credit: Mojdeh Barkhordar @cozy_cgn)

We’re always on the hunt for easy and budget-friendly ways to update our homes and the latest idea we’ve come across not only hits these must-haves, but is bang on trend to boot.

Needing an aesthetically pleasing storage solution for her dressing room, this rather simple yet very effective IKEA hack turns a set of plain cabinets into chrome-finish storage with the help of a metallic vinyl wrap. This comes courtesy of Cologne-based Mojdeh Barkhordar, also known as Moji at @cozy_cgn on Instagram.

If you’re not proficient in German, let us translate her post’s caption for you (with the help of Google Translate, that is).

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She wrote, ‘I'm currently really into the chrome/stainless steel vibe but I haven't found anything suitable and affordable for my still empty wall in the dressing room. So I thought to myself: I'll build the world the way I like it. And I love it so much.’

Indeed, the chrome finish is one of the major home decor trends of this year. It started off as a kitchen trend with stainless steel kitchens like the one of the Beckhams becoming increasingly more popular. But it quickly made its way into every other space and element of the home, from metallic lamps to DIY dressing room storage apparently.

IKEA cabinet hack updated with a chrome vinyl wrap

(Image credit: Mojdeh Barkhordar @cozy_cgn)

IKEA chrome cabinet hack

If you’re after an easy DIY project, then wrapping your storage cabinets is the perfect option. Covering kitchen cabinets in a vinyl wrap has become a go-to renter solution for giving an ugly or boring kitchen an update. But it can be a budget-friendly way of elevating any piece of furniture, just like it was in this case.

IKEA cabinet hack updated with a chrome vinyl wrap

(Image credit: Mojdeh Barkhordar @cozy_cgn)

‘I needed a generous amount of storage space for this corner of the dressing room,’ Moji says. ‘Since I didn't want to spend too much money on it, the first stop for me was IKEA. But I really wanted to have an eye-catcher for the corner and wanted to get away from the simple white look.'

'I've always wanted a chrome cabinet, but these days it's simply unaffordable in these dimensions. So I came up with the idea of ​​creating the chrome look myself with a chrome foil. My DIY chrome sideboard also fits in perfectly with the current interior chrome trend.’

And truly all you need is a chrome-finish vinyl wrap like the Livelynine 5M X 60CM Wide Stainless Steel Vinyl Wrap from Amazon and your chosen cabinet with a simple, flat exterior like the IKEA BESTÅ or ENHET, the latter of which Moji opted for.

Then you just need to be patient as you begin to wrap the furniture in the vinyl to avoid any bubbles forming or other mishaps taking place. And you’re all set.

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