Today's top gardening deals - up to 50% off the essentials every gardener needs in their shed

Our edit of today's best gardening deals – save up to 60% at Bosch, Karcher, Gardena, Miracle-Gro, and more

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Your garden is an extension of your home, which is why today's gardening deals can help you give your garden the TLC it deserves. 

At Ideal Home, we encourage you to dream big and bring your garden ideas to life.  With keen gardeners on the team, we understand the importance of making the outside of your home as beautiful and as comfortable as the inside of your home. To do this, you could add the best garden furniture to your patio, turn your boring lawn into a wildflower meadow, or even invite a bat box to the garden party. 

But we know that the price of all the mulch, flower bulbs, the best lawnmowers, garden shears and other gardening supplies can quickly add up. That's where these deals and discounts can help. 

We've prioritised gardening deals based on our successes (and failures) in our gardens, focusing on tried and tested brands such as Gardena, Bosch, and Miracle-Gro, as well as retailers that regularly have the best discounts, like Amazon, Argos, and B&Q. So, read on to snap up the best gardening deal.

Gardening deals June 2024

Below, we've put together the ultimate guide on where to shop today's biggest gardening sales, including where to shop and how to find the best deals.

Today's biggest gardening sales

Today's biggest gardening deals

envii SeaFeed Xtra | was £12.99, now£11.99 at Amazon

envii SeaFeed Xtra | was £12.99, now £11.99 at Amazon
You can never have too much fertiliser sitting in your shed, and this organic liquid seaweed fertiliser has the added bonus of being multi-purpose. You can use it on both your indoor and outdoor plants. 

Flymo PowerVac 3000W Electric Blower Vac | was £79.00, now£63.20 at Homebase

Flymo PowerVac 3000W Electric Blower Vac | was £79.00, now £63.20 at Homebase
Designed for medium-sized gardens, Flymo's powerful blower and vacuum is a breeze at clearing leaves and debris. It shreds leaves right down so you can easily dispose of them.

DURHAND 1800W High Pressure Washer | was £80.99, now£67.99 at Robert Dyas

DURHAND 1800W High Pressure Washer | was £80.99, now £67.99 at Robert Dyas
This portable pressure washer has a1800W powerful motor, 150 bar high pressure, and 510L/h flow that tackles stubborn stains. Featuring a six metre long hose, five-metre long power cord, the wheeled design means you can easily get about the garden.

Hyindoor Propagation Station | was £19.99, now£14.99 at Amazon

Hyindoor Propagation Station | was £19.99, now £14.99 at Amazon
Why buy brand-new plants when you can propagate your own? This propagation station also has the added bonus of being extremely aesthetically pleasing, making it a stylish addition to your home. 

Hozelock Cart | was £129.53, now£63.98 at Amazon

Hozelock Cart | was £129.53, now £63.98 at Amazon
Coming in at 60m long, this gardening tool will not only make watering your garden a breeze but will also ensure that you don't get any kinks or twists in the process. 

Outsunny 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse | was £48.99, now £28.99 at Amazon

Outsunny 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse | was £48.99, now £28.99 at Amazon
A mini greenhouse is perfect for those who want to keep their plants cosy during a colder snap. This particular greenhouse has 4 tiers ready to go, and a cover to keep your plant babies warm. 

Outdoor Garden Storage Box | was £129.99, now £86.65 at Amazon

Outdoor Garden Storage Box | was £129.99, now £86.65 at Amazon
Perfect for storing your outdoor cushions or garden games, this garden storage box is currently on sale for a heavily discounted price. It's also fade-free, so you don't have to worry about the sun changing its colour. 

Grass Seed | was £12.49, now £10.62 at Amazon

Grass Seed | was £12.49, now £10.62 at Amazon
It's always a good idea to have grass seed on hand, whether you think your grass is perfect or not. This particular grass seed is fast-growing and should cover 60 sqm of grass per bag. 

Bosch Electric Hedge Cutter | was £67, now £57.48 at Amazon

Bosch Electric Hedge Cutter | was £67, now £57.48 at Amazon
Bosch is a leader in the garden supplies game, and this electric hedge cutter can make giving your hedges a haircut easier than ever. Plus, how can you say no to this heavily discounted price?

Westland Multi-Purpose Compost | was £15.95, now £13.95 at Amazon

Westland Multi-Purpose Compost | was £15.95, now £13.95 at Amazon
If you're taking advantage of these gardening deals, you have to add some compost to your cart. This stuff can be used all over your garden, and you'll no doubt thank yourself for having a couple of these bags sitting in your shed.

Garden Banana Parasol| was £102.99, now £71.24 at Amazon

Garden Banana Parasol| was £102.99, now £71.24 at Amazon
Searching for some shade? This parasol should do the trick. Coming in four different colourways, you can choose a colour that suits you (and your garden). Plus, its wipe-clean material means that it'll stay pristine for years to come. 

McGregor 37cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower | was £220, now £160.00 at Argos

McGregor 37cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower | was £220, now £160.00 at Argos
A great all-rounder, this smart lawnmower gives you 50 minutes of mowing on a one-hour charge on its lithium battery. It features a mulch function, six different cutting heights, 40-litre collection bag and a rear roller. Plus it's easy to store with its foldable ergonomic handle.

Gardening supplies shopping advice

Whether you're looking to start growing your own vegetables or you want to blow your neighbours away with the lines on your front lawn, we can understand how buying gardening supplies may seem daunting. 

From mechanical products such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers to pots and perlite, it often seems like you need to buy out B&Q to bring your garden up to scratch. But to make the most of the best gardening deals, you need to focus on the main components of your garden: your lawn, patio, and planting areas.

From there, you can do your research to figure out exactly what it is you need, if anything, to improve or maintain the health and aesthetic of these areas. Try not to buy things you think you need, and focus on gardening tools that are essential for your to-do list. 

When buying big-ticket mechanical items, waiting until they're discounted can sometimes save you hundreds of pounds. On the other hand, smaller ticket items such as spring-flowering bulbs and grass seeds are more seasonal - which means that, when they are in stock, they're rarely discounted. 

It's also a good idea to check out our gardening furniture deals page if you're looking to upgrade your patio with a new dining set. 

Overall, the best way to shop for gardening supplies is to keep your eyes peeled for the best gardening deals and discounts throughout the year. Not only will they help to keep the costs down, but they'll also help you stock up so you're prepared for every eventuality. 

And when you've saved some cash on your gardening tools, you could even peruse our hot tub deals page, check out our guide to the best BBQs, and or heat things up with one of the best fire pits or the best patio heaters.

When to shop

Although it's very easy to buy gardening supplies throughout the year, there's no doubt that most major retailers use key times of the year to plan their promotions. Below, we've explained more about these major dates, and what this means for the best gardening deals. 

Amazon Prime Day gardening deals

Amazon Prime Day, the brand's yearly price-slashing event, seems to get bigger and bigger each year. This can result in some unmissable Prime Day gardening deals. 

In 2023, Prime Day gardening deals ran from the 11th to the 12th of July, just as green-fingered gardeners were admiring their summer flowers and mowing their lawns. 

However, Amazon then treated us all to a second Prime Day from the 10th to the 11th of October, which was a great time to scoop up some end-of-summer gardening discounts on lawnmowers and outdoor lighting. 

Exact dates for this year's Prime Day are still to be confirmed, but it's always a good idea to keep an eye on our Amazon Prime Day deals page to be the first to hear when they're announced. 

In the meantime, you could sign up for Amazon Prime membership now so you're all set to shop when the next Prime Day gardening deals take place. Generally, you need to be a Prime member to take advantage of the biggest discounts on Prime Day. You can sign up or renew your membership below. Usually, new Prime members can also access a free 30-day membership trial to test out its perks.

How to shop Prime Day: sign up for Amazon Prime Membership

How to shop Prime Day: sign up for Amazon Prime Membership
The best Amazon Prime Day gardening deals often require Amazon Prime membership for access to the biggest discounts. You can sign up or renew your Amazon Prime membership here.

Bank holiday gardening deals

Bank holiday deals are well and truly part of the consumer discount calendar, with many retailers choosing to slice the prices of their products on these days. This is especially true in July and August, when consumer spending often increases.

In fact, those who are looking for the best bank holiday gardening deals should be able to snap up some serious bargains on these summer bank holidays. At peak gardening time, prices are often discounted drastically. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday gardening deals

The term 'Black Friday' originated in the US to denote the first day following Thanksgiving when retailers would cut prices to draw holidaymakers to shop their store's sales. Driven by global brands, the price-slashing event soon crossed the pond, and now Black Friday – closely followed by Cyber Monday – has become one of the UK's biggest consumer extravaganzas, rivalling traditional Boxing Day sales. 

Often hailed as the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday always falls on the last Friday of November, so the next time it will officially roll around is Friday 29th November 2024.

That said, in recent years, the event has spread to encompass more than just one day, with retailers starting Black Friday discounting earlier and earlier so that a full Black Friday 'week' of discounts isn't uncommon. In fact, in 2022, we saw retailers running Black Friday promotions throughout the whole month of November, and the same happened in 2023. Black 'month' now seems to be a thing.

Whether or not you agree with the rampant consumerism Black Friday has now come to represent, there's no denying it can be a great time for Black Friday gardening deals and Cyber Monday gardening deals.

Last year, Black Friday gardening deals were a dime a dozen, as people took advantage of the warm weather to transform their gardens and water their sun-loving flowers and crops. This year, we expect them to be even bigger and better. 

We'll be keeping our eye out for all this year's top Black Friday gardening deals and Cyber Monday gardening deals right here, but make sure to bookmark the Ideal Home Black Friday home deals page to get alerts for all the biggest Black Friday homeware sales as they launch.

Boxing Day gardening deals

After the chaos of Christmas, the last thing you're probably thinking about is tending to your garden. And while some retailers try to sell last-season stock during this period, you're unlikely to find too many Boxing Day gardening deals. Instead, it's better to wait until later in the year. 

January gardening deals

Similarly to Boxing Day gardening deals, the January gardening deals probably won't provide you with too much in terms of discounts. January deals are normally focused on electrical items and appliances, or bigger ticket items like mattresses and bedding.  

It's still a good idea to watch for any clearance items, though, as some retailers may be trying to clear out their gardening stock ready for a brand new gardening season.

How we source the top gardening deals

If you want to know more about our in-depth testing and selection process, you can visit our how we test page.

To compile this particular gardening deals page, we've factored in the team's hands-on experience in our gardens, as well as the garden advice we've received from expert gardeners, landscapers, and horticulturalists over the years. 

If deals aren't currently available on the tried-and-tested favourites that we love so much, then we've used our knowledge and experience to curate a list of the best gardening deals available today. In all cases, this includes researching technical specifications and reading customer reviews. 


What is the best month to buy gardening supplies?

If you're looking to bag the best gardening deal, you should aim to buy gardening supplies either before the summer months, or after. 

In April, retailers try to get ahead of the curve and encourage customers to buy gardening tools and plants at a discounted rate before the summer rush. 

In September and October time, they then try to take advantage of the end-of-summer rush to get your garden ready for winter. This is often when you can get the best discounts on big ticket items such as lawnmowers. 

When should I start buying plants for my garden?

This depends on the plants you want to buy. If you're looking to fill your summer garden with blooms, it's best to start buying plants in the spring when the conditions are warmer and more conducive to healthy growth. 

However, you can ultimately find deals on plants at any time of the year. You can either buy these online or head to your local garden centre for the best discounts.  

Mcbazel Soil Meter | was £14.69, now £11.60 at Amazon

Mcbazel Soil Meter | was £14.69, now £11.60 at Amazon
This moisture probe takes all the guesswork out of your soil, allowing you to check the moisture levels for damaged roots, root rot, or even underwatering. Then, you now how to act accordingly. 

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