The outdoor lighting trend endorsed by Love Island's Olivia Bowen for a 'summer party ready' garden

This must-have lighting addition to your garden is just what you need for the perfect outdoor venue

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Former Love Island star, Olivia Bowen, sheds a spotlight on the ultimate outdoor lighting trend you need to jump on to transform your garden into a 'summer party ready' haven.

Kicking back to watch Love Island every year is basically a British summer staple routine at this point, with the start of a new season simultaneously marking the beginning of longer days and warmer temperatures ahead.

Whether you're trying to arrange a Love Island watch party or are simply looking for a way to spruce up a garden party idea, we have no doubt that this outdoor lighting trend endorsed by the ex-Islander herself will be a winning garden idea this summer.

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Outdoor table lamps trend

Although it's been a couple of years since Olivia Bowen's appearance on the fan-favourite reality TV show, it doesn't mean she should be counted out as a figure to look towards for the latest on any new, up-and-coming trends – even garden trends for that matter – and outdoor solar table lamps and outdoor rechargeable table lamps are the trend to know about.

Olivia shared a snapshot of her garden on her alternate Instagram account, The Bowen Home, which showcases her home renovation journey. The photo consists of two stylish rattan garden furniture sets with glass tabletops and outdoor table lamps on each of the respective tables, sporting the caption, 'Summer party ready 🎉'

The Instagram post fared well with fans intrigued about the star's home reno journey, with comments saying, 'Well this looks absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous garden,' and another saying 'Love this and I love the solar table lamps😍'

And we have to say, we also love the outdoor table lamps. They immediately caught our eye and are certainly in tune with some of our editor's quiet luxury garden buys, never mind the fact that they'd be perfect for an outdoor kitchen idea.

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'Outdoor rechargeable table lamps are the perfect solution for garden party lighting, these can be scattered across your seating area and garden to create fun and ambient spots of light for your guests,' says Julian Page, head of design at BHS.

'Driveway lights and spike lights are also the perfect fit for garden pathways to create an illuminated pathway that is guaranteed to wow any visitors to your home.'

Jo Plant, head of design at Pooky adds, 'A little piece of lighting that will bring a warm twinkle to your patio and pergola areas once restrained by lack of power outlets or cord lengths – portable lamps are ideal for taking outdoors when the occasion calls.'

Our pick of outdoor table lamps to get the Love Island star's look

'With 10 hours of glow time, our growing collection of cordless wanderers can be taken anywhere, particularly helpful as evenings draw in or to your garden to bring the party outside,' adds Jo Plant at Pooky.

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'We love to see how everyone is styling their cordless lamps and increasingly have noticed an inclination towards quirky ikat shade designs or brilliantly bold florals that mimic the surrounding gardenscape.'

Although the sun sets fairly early nowadays, best believe we'll be eager to shop and deck out our patios and outdoor living spaces with these outdoor table lamps to keep the cosy, summer ambience running well into the night.

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