IKEA's new desk includes a special feature – we can't decide if it's crazy or actually genius

There will be no faking a tidy home by shoving clutter into your drawers with this desk, I fear...

IKEA RIDSPO desk in room
(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA has launched a new desk which we think is just utterly gorgeous if you were planning to embark on a new WFH home office desk setup. However, what's really caught our attention is a never-before-seen tabletop feature – and we can't decide if it's borderline crazy, or actually genius.

As we pretty much all know by now, IKEA is really that budget retailer that never fails to deliver on cult classics every single time (our endless list of IKEA hacks can attest to that). But of course, who's to say that they can't have a little fun with trying something new every once in a while?

IKEA RIDSPO desk in room

(Image credit: IKEA)


IKEA's new desk, the RIDSPÖ in oak, boasts a graceful and stylish design, as well as carefully thought-out functions. Measuring 140 x 70cm and currently retailing for £350 at IKEA, it's slightly more on the spenny side, but for good reason.

RIDSPÖ Desk, Oak | £350 at IKEA

RIDSPÖ Desk, Oak | £350 at IKEA

RIDSPÖ desk has graceful, stylish lines as well as carefully thought-out functions. You can use the drawer with a glass top for notes, tracing – or to keep your favourite things on display.

Featuring two capacious drawers to optimise your home office storage ideas, a curved shield for privacy, a cable management compartment to help you hide wires, as well as a thoughtful hook, this desk pretty much has it all.

We have to admit, working from home can sometimes (okay, most of the time) become a monotonous cycle of doing the same thing day in and day out. That's why the concept of sprucing up a small home office is always an enjoyable way to switch things up every now and then – and we think this desk might just be the answer.

Inside oak desk drawer

(Image credit: IKEA)

And of course, how could we forget? The star of the show for us is that a portion of the desk's tabletop is completely made of glass, allowing you to see right into one of the two drawers – which sounds like a dream or a nightmare depending on your storage and organisation habits.

IKEA suggests using the drawer with the glass top feature for notes, tracing, or simply for keeping beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things on display to boost your mood at home while you work.

IKEA RIDSPO desk with glass top feature

(Image credit: IKEA)

Once you find out what your clutter says about you, it's probably a clever bit of motivation to make sure you're keeping on top of your weekly Sunday reset and clearing your drawers out often – given that everything in that drawer will be on display. Not to mention, having a clean working environment also contributes to boosting productivity.

There will be no faking a tidy home with this desk, we fear. However, maybe it's actually for the best.

After all, we know we can use all the reason we can get to ensure we're keeping our productivity spaces as clutter and distraction-free as possible.

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