This is the space-enhancing trick your small kitchen is missing, according to a kitchen designer

Looking for a quick way to make your kitchen feel twice the size? A mirrored splashback might be the way to go

Light grey shaker kitchen with mirrored backsplash.
(Image credit: Magnet)

Stuck with a kitchen that's on the smaller side? We relate. Many of us aren't blessed with sprawling spaces to cook in, so it's important to work with what we've got, and sometimes a small kitchen is just that. But luckily, Magnet's head designer has weighed in with a way to maximise the space - a mirrored splashback.

While physical room for small appliances such as air fryers and coffee machines might be hard to come by, this will quickly create the illusion of a larger kitchen, without any structural work. We're all for tricks of the eye that add light to our homes, and what's even better is that this is stylish and functional too. 

Adding mirrors in smaller areas around your home, like a narrow hallway, is a trick we've seen before, but a mirror in a kitchen is an unexpected twist. So how do you add it to your space? This is how a mirrored splashback will make your kitchen feel instantly larger. 

How to add a mirrored splashback to your kitchen

It might seem strange, adding a mirror to a room that is used for functionality, as opposed to vanity, but optimising the width available through a splashback is a clever way to make it feel larger. 

When the light enters your room, even if there isn't much of it, it will reflect off the splashback, making the space feel brighter and larger. 

We spoke to Jen Nash, senior design lead at Magnet, who emphasised the need to 'use the space that you have.' A splashback is a prime example of this - even small kitchens have one, so why not make the most of something that's primarily used for practical purposes, and instead turn it into a space-enhancing design feature? 

'Mirrors in any space make it feel massive,' continues Jen. 'Mirrored splashbacks are a lovely way of doing just that, they keep the horizontal plane expanding.'

Green kitchen with marble counters and mirrored backsplash.

(Image credit: Magnet)

Understandably, you might be worried about how many times a day you have to face your own reflection - 'especially before coffee', adds Jen. 'Something that makes the mirror feel a bit softer is really nice.'

Luckily, depending on your taste and favoured kitchen trends, there are a number of different ways you can add a mirrored backsplash to your kitchen. If a modern kitchen is what you're looking to achieve, then Jen recommends opting for 'bronzed and textured glass'.

'Antique silver looks great in both modern and really classic kitchens,' she adds. You don't need to have a country kitchen for this either - shaker kitchens are popping up in all kinds of properties and offer a sophisticated look that a mirror is bound to enhance.

And if you're a fan of statement kitchen colour schemes, but you're worried about overwhelming a small room, then a mirror could be what you're missing. 'It means you can go dark in your cabinetry,' explains Jen. So if you're pining after a rich green kitchen (we know we are) then this is your official go-ahead. 

Light grey shaker kitchen with mirrored backsplash.

(Image credit: Future)

Wondering where else to unexpectedly add a mirror around your home? Jen recommends adding a 'mirrored splashback behind a gin bar' - who could say no to that?

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