Top design ideas for your kitchen sink

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  • Sinks and drying racks are pretty practical essentials for every kitchen – but practical certainly doesn’t have to mean boring and ugly, as these gorgeous numbers prove.

    There are numerous sink styles to choose from – be it country, traditional or modern – and there are loads of options for every style, along with some pretty nifty space-saving sink solutions on the market.

    We’ve rounded-up the best sink designs for every size and style of kitchen, and some of them are so cool that you really will want to pack everything including the kitchen sink whenever you’re away…

    A café-style kitchen with a quirky peg rail
    Injecting bold colour into a classic shaker kitchen will stand the test of time. Choose natural wood to create a warm tone, then add pops of red and grey to bring the scheme up to date. Positioning a wooden peg rail above the white tiles not only breaks up the white backdrop, but it also provides much-needed storage space.

    Peg rail
    Scumble Goosie

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