Warm and welcoming rustic kitchens

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  • Rustic kitchens have a cosy warmth that their modern hi-gloss and minimalist equivalents can only dream of. If you are planning your own rustic or country-style kitchen, think about the must-have ingredients first and the rest should follow.

    Every classic rustic kitchen will have a range cooker, a butler-style white ceramic sink, wooden kitchen units (in a plain or painted finish) including country staples such as dressers and larders, a no-nonesense honest beast of a farmhouse table with a good set of sturdy chairs to match – or mix and match. Be open to kitchen island ideas too.

    Alongside these main ‘ingredients’ think about just how traditional you want your kitchen to look: will it be full-on scrubbed rustic with no feature finishes and maybe a few vintage kitchen ideas, or might you prefer a more modern country approach with painted Shaker-style details and floral, striped fabrics or even bold kitchen tiles in navy or red to warm up proceedings a little.

    A more modern approach might be to take the raw materials of the rustic kitchen (with its stripped timber, stone, brickwork and metal) and give them an industrial feel. Pendant lighting, bar stools and a hint of copper and leather can all bring a fresh new feel to a rustic kitchen.

    While traditional rustic kitchens were practical affairs, they were also designed to make the most of the heat from the range, with chairs and table brought into close proximity. Mirror this cosy, sociable side of the rustic kitchen by making your space feel friendly and welcoming. Introduce tactile linens, crockery and enamelware and look out for good kitchen storage ideas, while keeping pans and utensils within easy reach to emphasise the working nature of your space.

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