Ideal v Great Deal – splurge or save on these adorable kids accessories

Would you spend a little or a lot on these accessories for your little one's bedroom

Decorating and furnishing children’s bedrooms is great fun, it’s the one room where you can let your imagination run wild. Beds can be quirky, wallpapers can be bold and accessories can be playful. Going to town with the fun factor doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget, as our ideal and great buys demonstrate.

Transform your child’s bedroom into a fun yet practical space with any of these savvy buys.

kids bunkbeds

What child doesn’t love a bunk bed? Modern bunk beds are elegant and more grown up than the former pine models of years gone by. Both of these designs mix light wood finishes with classic white detailing, adding a cool Scandi vibe to children’s rooms.

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Oeuf NYC Perch Bunk Bed, £1,306, Nubie
Great deal: Simple Bunk Bed, £550, Little Folks Furniture


Illuminate bedtime stories with a little help from a Jurassic pal. Either of these dinosaur lamps will sit on a bedside table or shelf, adding a soft glow to little rooms at nighttime.

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Ideal: Diplodocus Green Dino Lamp, £33.50, Red Candy
Great deal: Little Brontosaurus Lamp, £12, Bobby Rabbit

Cloud Rugs

Add a silver lining! A charming cloud rug will add a playful, yet stylish touch to any room. The choice of simple grey makes these designs suitable for any style of decor.

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Ideal: Grey Short pile Wool Cloud Rug, £71.99, Maison Du Monde
Great deal: Bloomingville Cloud Rug, £29, Amara

Raindrop wallpaper

It’s not often we welcome rain drops, but when they look this stylish on a wallpaper it’s hard not to love them. The cool colour palatte on both designs allows you to make a statement without overpowering a small room.

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Ideal: Raindrops Wallpaper, £59.95 a roll, Hibou Home
Great deal: April Showers Wallpaper, £30 a roll, Scion at Wallpaper Direct

house Bookshelf

A house shaped bookshelf helps you store books and toys in an adorable fashion. Whether you’re looking for wall-mounted or freestanding, there’s a stylish solution to suit your storage needs.

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Ideal: Triplet Bookcase, £145, Loaf
Great deal: Collection Mia Bookcase, £79.99, Argos


After each playtime tidy toys away to keep the room looking uncluttered.  Keep toys stored neatly in a dedicated ‘Toy’ sack.

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Ideal: Toys Storage Bag, £25, Bobby Rabbit
Great deal: Paper Toy Storage Bag, £14, The Nursery Edit

Whether you choose to spend or save, it’s safe to say your child’s nursery or bedroom will look priceless!

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