Love your Bentley? Now you can furnish your home to match, daahling

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  • Money no object? Bentley owners everywhere will be thrilled to learn the classic car manufacturer has moved into interiors

    We all know the feeling. You motor on home in your Bentley after a busy day at the office, step inside your well-appointed house and recline in your Bentley armchair before sinking into your Bentley bed for a blissful night’s sleep.

    Well actually, no, we don’t know how that feels, but luxury label lovers could do so in the near future as car manufacturer Bentley has just launched a sleek new range of furniture.

    Designed so that their fans can ‘live the way you drive’ the range includes sofas, beds, tables and cabinets in various shades of cream and, er, cream.

    Aimed at their uber-wealthy following, the Bentley Home collection prides itself on combining ‘traditional and modernist designs, injecting a little of the spirit of the British gentleman driver’.

    Hmmm, we assume they also mean the British lady driver.

    So if you like soft, neutral tones, cream leather, chunky wood and crisp lines, this range is aimed at you. Need convincing? According to the Bentley website ‘the combination of traditional and modern reaches a new dimension in the use of leather, precious wood veneers, cashmere, wood, silk and glass’.

    As for the price – it’s yet to be announced. But as financier J.P. Morgan once said, ‘If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it’.

    But if money is no object and you’d like to have the Bentley logo floating above your head as you drift off to sleep, take a look at the full range here.

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