Five simple ways to revamp a rented garden without upsetting your landlord

Put a personal stamp on your outside space with these non-permanent ideas
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  • We all want a space that reflects our personality, but for renters, this can be tricky. Especially if you’re planning to give your rented garden update this summer. We’ve pulled together some rented garden ideas to make it a little easier.

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    Research by Boiler Plan has revealed that Google searches for ‘can I decorate a rented property?’ have increased by 66 per cent compared to last year. However, searches for how to update a rented outdoor space has seen an even greater leap.

    Google searches for ‘DIY balcony ideas’ has seen an increase of 586 per cent. Searches for ‘Yarden ideas’ has increased by 167 per cent, while ‘gardening in rented house’ has gone up by 29 per cent.

    So how can you give your garden an update without losing your deposit and getting a telling off from the landlord? Here a four simple (non-permanent) ways to give your rented garden an update.

    Rented garden ideas

    1. Add in a garden screen

    rented garden ideas 1

    Garden screens are a great way to revamp your outdoor space. They offer privacy in small garden or terraces, and can also be used to cover up unsightly bins.

    You can opt for a simple willow screen or something more spectacular like one of these from Screen With Envy. Priced at about £85 they come in a range of designs from Moroccan geometrics to floral prints. When it’s time to move on they can easily be taken with you.

    Buy now: Moucharabiya garden screen, £85, Screen with Envy

    2.Invest in pots and plants

    rented garden ideas 3

    Image credit: Ti-Media

    A few potted plants can transform a concrete yard into a peaceful oasis. Just be careful not to get too ambitious with your pot plant choice.

    While a small tree in a hefty terracotta pot might look lovely now, think about how you are going to move it when your lease is up.

    3.Decorate the space with hanging baskets

    rented garden ideas 2

    Image credit: Ti-Media

    Hanging baskets will make any garden look impressive. They can add a pop of colour to any doorway or patio. Fill them with succulents, herbs and sturdy green plants for a modern look that is easy to care for.

    4.Grow vegetables in a planter

    Homebase Modular Planter 3

    Buy now: Modular Planter Set, £39.99, Homebase

    If you are green to try growing your own, but not sure your landlord would like you digging up their garden consider investing in a planter. You can pick up some clever vertical planters from Homebase that are perfect for growing herbs and tomatoes.

    Alternatively, you can start small with a Vegebag, which won Chelsea garden product of the year 2020.

    5. Add atmosphere with lighting

    rented garden ideas 5

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Fairy lights or solar-powered lighting are an affordable way to add some ambience to your garden. Try weaving fairy lights through a garden screen or stringing them across a garden table for a striking look.

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    Will you be updated your rented garden with these simple tips?

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