Aldi is serving up serious scares with its new Halloween homeware range – and it's all under £10

With prices starting at just 99p, this spooky season is already off to go a good start

Inside of home decorated with Halloween themed decorations
(Image credit: Aldi)

It's official. Halloween season is among us, therefore, let the influx of Halloween decorating ideas commence – and first on the list? One of our favourite budget-friendly stores, Aldi.

The supermarket has just launched the perfect range of homeware and decorations with the intention of getting Halloween fans in the spirit for all things spooky season, and the prices are frighteningly low (sorry, we had to), starting from just 99p. Who says that you have to spend a lot to get the look of our favourite Halloween movie home decor inspo?

Aldi's Halloween-themed homeware range is jam-packed with budget decorating ideas that will still be sure to pack a punch in the scare factor and ensure you stay on brand for a seriously scary 31st of October.

Halloween themed pinatas displayed inside home

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Aldi Halloween themed homeware range

From baking essentials, and home fragrances, to home decor, Aldi's Halloween-themed homeware range guarantees to have a little something for everyone this spooky season.

Planning a Halloween party? Entice ghoulish guests and illuminate dark pathways using the Halloween Decorative Lights (£2.99) that are in line with this spooky season's lighting trends, before greeting your visitors with the Halloween Felt Decor Decoration (£2.49), available in classic Halloween characters: Frankenstein, a Mummy, a tombstone, or a Skeleton Pumpkin.

In fact, if you wanted to hop on the annual pumpkin motif (shoutout to the ever-so-loved pumpkin casserole dishes), you could even pair these Aldi pickups with some no-carve pumpkin ideas or DIY floral pumpkins to ensure your outdoors is ticking every autumnal box.

Outside of home decorated with Halloween decorations

(Image credit: Aldi)

Of course, if you're going full pumpkin mode ahead of Halloween, then it likely also pays to know how to keep a pumpkin fresh for longer so you can ride the spooky wave for longer.

Now you've got the outdoors covered, it's time to consider how you're decorating your indoor space to also be right on the nose for Halloween.

Aldi's Halloween Party Decorations (£1.99) have a generous choice of character bunting, foil balloons, and door fringes. Not only that, if you're up for a temporary window treatment idea, you can even snag some Halloween Window Stickers (£1.49) declaring frightful messages of 'beware', 'danger', and 'trick or treat'.

Inside of home decorated with Halloween decorations

(Image credit: Aldi)

To complete the look, it pays to pair all the indoor and outdoor decorating with a signature scent to really launch you right into the middle of a Hocus Pocus set.

Scent your living room or hallway to perfection with the scents of sweet pumpkin pie, autumn leaves, or citrus pumpkin spice with the Ceramic Pumpkin Candle (£3.99), which is (you guessed it) housed in the sweetest pumpkin jar.

Or, these are also perfect if you're planning to skip out on the 'shouty' decorations and would just rather get cosy and wind down with a scented candle for autumn, we reckon their new Autumn Gourmand Candle range (£2.89 each) in three delicious scents: Apple Fudge, Pumpkin Spice, and Caramelised Maple are sure to get the autumnal vibes in full motion.

Inside of home decorated with Halloween themed decorations

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you've got a knack for baking, you can even emulate the spiced scents through and through with Aldi's Halloween Baking sets.

I don't know about you, but this Halloween is looking frighteningly fantastic.

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