This standout piece in Amanda Abbington's gallery wall is a tasteful spin on the slogan trend

We get a glimpse at this wall art style that's got the actress smitten

Amanda Abbington portrait
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Following the news that Amanda Abbington has withdrawn from BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing, you can only imagine that it was heartbreak all around. And while we're saddened by the news of the actress' untimely exit from the hit show, it would take much more than that for us to stop keeping a weather eye on her super stylish home. 

We've already had the privilege of indulging in Amanda's coloured-drenched living room, and luckily for us, she's continued to offer glimpses into her home (and her adorable Daschunds).

Gallery wall hanging above staircase painted black

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Amanda Abbington's embroidery hoop art

Earlier this October, Amanda took to Instagram to share a reel with her followers, extending her gratitude for all the fans' support of her Strictly journey. 

We couldn't help but notice a standout piece in the gallery wall in the background: an embroidery hoop art piece reading, 'You say witch like it's a bad thing.'

Seeing as Amanda is a fan of the colour drenching trend, it comes as no surprise that she's also big on this new variation of the also trending slogan homeware, further proved by the slogan above her fireplace, and more on the wall.

And no, don't worry, we're not talking 'Live, Laugh, Love', but a more grown-up and tasteful take on framed affirmations. Take Fearne Cotton's folksy throw, for example, with 'You got this' on it. So, Amanda's embroidery hoop art absolutely fits the bill.

Gallery wall above staircase with wooden bannister

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Commenting on the rise of this wall art style, Milli Abrams, yarn and craft expert at Tribe Yarns says, 'Embroidery hoops have long been used as a tool for easing the creation of embroidered designs, the hoop is placed on the fabric and tightened to create taught fabric that provides more accuracy for stitching.'

'This hoop is usually removed after the embroidery is completed however, recently a trend has emerged whereby embroiderers are leaving their creations on the hoop and hanging the full design on their wall as a form of artwork. The pieces add visual interest through the creation of eye-catching and unique wall displays.'

Embroidery hoop art

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If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that Amanda's choice of embroidery hoop art is certainly timely for the season. If you're after a subtle (but still equally spooky) Halloween decorating idea that you could keep up all year round without anyone batting an eyelid, we think we might have just found a winner.

If you love Amanda's choice of embroidery hoop art, we've managed to track down a couple more from Etsy that we think are star finds, which still give off a spookily similar vibe.

And while it's not too late, we think these would be a lovely, little addition to a boo basket, too.

'Bare and bland walls can be transformed by incorporating a curated display of hoops in different sizes and patterns to create a gallery wall effect,' adds Millie. Hint hint, just like Amanda's.

'Plus if you're looking to take this craft one step further you can even paint your embroidery hoop a different colour or pattern to make the artwork pop and add personality to your space.'

We think we'll be following in Amanda's footsteps in making this addition to our brewing wall art ideas (and rightfully so). Who else will be joining us for the ride?

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