Dunelm's cult teddy bedding is back for winter, and shoppers are obsessed

Have you tried Dunelm's cult teddy bedding yet?

Dunelm's teddy blanket in lilac
(Image credit: Dunelm)

As our hands inch ever closer toward the thermostat, Dunelm's cult teddy bedding sounds more and more appealing. Especially as shoppers are calling the range a 'must-have for winter'.

If you're anything like us, your list of must-try bedroom ideas shifts and changes depending on the season. Which means that, as the nights grow colder, darker, and longer, your dreams of crisp white linen likely gives way to something... 

Well, something fleecier. Warmer. Snugglier. Something a lot like Dunelm's cult teddy bedding, quite frankly.

Dunelm's cult teddy bedding 

If you're wondering where to buy bedding that a) will keep you warm all through the bleak midwinter and b) won't break the bank, you'd be well advised to pay Dunelm a visit. 

Dunelm's cult teddy bedding range – which features everything you could possibly need to tap into this cosy bedroom trend, from blankets to duvet sets to cuddle pillows to headboards – has been racking up 5-star reviews like nobody's business.

'Super fluffy and easy to look after,' raves one.

'So comfy and warm [that I] don’t feel like getting out of bed,' confesses another.

And still one more reads: 'I do not regret this impulse buy at all, [it is so, so] super soft and warm.'

Available in five sizes, and a whopping 25 colours, people have particularly lost their hearts to Dunelm's teddy duvet set, dubbing it 'warm and snug' in their droves.

Before you add it to your overflowing list of cosy bedroom ideas, however, Ideal Home editor Heather Young has a word of caution for anyone who runs hot.

'It really is super cosy, but I think it's better to curl up on the sofa with a teddy blanket than in your actual bed,' she says. 'I’d definitely find it too hot to sleep under – unless I was camping, maybe.'

Rebecca Knight, Ideal Home's deputy editor, is a longtime fan of Dunelm's cult teddy blankets, having lost her heart to its classic throw many moons ago.

Dunelm's cult Teddy Bear Throw

(Image credit: Dunelm)

'I bought Dunelm’s teddy blanket in bright red to take with me to uni, and it lasted me for five years,' she recalls fondly. 

'It was honestly the softest blanket I’ve ever owned, and it’s inspired me to always opt for teddy material as a result – especially when it comes to blankets.'

With Rebecca's advice ringing in our ears, then, perhaps we ought to think outside the box a bit when it comes to Dunelm's cult teddy bedding range.

Rather than, say, simply add it to our list of budget bedroom decor ideas, we might be better off bagging a few of the fleecey blankets (and pillows) to use all over the house.

Our favourite pieces

Teddy bedding alternatives

Of course, Dunelm isn't the only brand jumping on the teddy fabric bandwagon: M&S has come over all cosy with a range of their own, too (even if they sometimes refer to it as borg fleece rather than classic teddy). 

Here are just a couple of alternatives:

And look at that – it even comes in the dreamy blue colour that shoppers have been demanding Dunelm add to its range, too.

See you at the checkouts, we guess...

Kayleigh Dray
Acting Content Editor

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