Ethical shopping: Top tips

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  • Make a statement with your shopping basket and help make a difference around the world. Here are our top tips to try next time you hit the high street...

    1. Shop local. Small independent stores you can walk to or pop into on your lunch break, keep you out the car and help support your local economy.

    2. Choose Fair Trade. Look for the Fair Trade logo as this guarantees workers have been well treated and fairly paid for their work.

    3. Recycle. Recycled and second hand products save resources and reduce the need for landfill. For details of what can be recycled and reused, visit

    4. Go for good wood. Look out for the Forest Stewardship Council logo to ensure the wood you buy comes from well managed and sustainable forests.

    5. Go organic. It’s free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which benefits the farmers and factory workers, you the consumer, the animals and the environment. Look out for the Soil Association symbol.

    6. Save ethically. Many people don’t know where their savings get invested by banks. If you’d prefer to know, switch to an ethical bank such as the Co-op (0800 905090) or Triodos (0117 9739339).

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