How to make a white home liveable

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  • Decorating with neutrals doesn't have to equal sterile or untouchable – we show you how

    1, Open things up

    White brings out the best in nature, so make sure your neutral home shows off its surroundings. We love how every room in this Berkshire house has access to the gardens and with additions like the double-width doorways and French windows, the oak flooring and white-painted paneling drinks in the sun and gives off a beautifully summery feeling.

    2, Work in other neutrals

    One thing that can scare families off a white theme is the thought of mess, especially in the kitchen. The owners of this property using white units and walls in their cooking space, but cleverly kept a large oak section on the island, meaning it can be used for everything from food prep to homework without the constant fear of sauce or ink ruining a perfectly pristine white top.

    3, Pick your pooch wisely

    If you thought a predominately white home meant making it a pet-free zone, then think again. We love how this family’s cockapoo can lounge on the bean bag in the pale and neutral living room without a panic about hair shedding. The trick? Maybe adopt a pup with a light colouring!

    4, Create an extra dimension

    As beautiful as whites and creams are, they can be made even more so by adding in depth. Textures, such as the cable-knit cushion and wooden table pictured, create shadows and stop the space looking flat. The panelling which coats all the walls in the house also add in an extra dimension which prevents the bare walls looking boring.

    5, Enjoy it!

    Neutral homes are, at their heart, incredibly luxe so don’t forget to enjoy your space! The spa-style bathroom here doesn’t really have a lot in it, but due to the colour scheme and high ceilings, it feels plush and relaxing. So go on, take a nice long bath with a glass of (white) wine!

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