Keep calm and drink prosecco: 5 ways to enjoy a fizz-filled summer

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  • Forget the scary headlines – it’s not really running out. Phew! Best have a glass to celebrate…

    Dark headlines abounded a few weeks ago:
    the world was running out of prosecco. Our fizz-friendly heads were in our hands with the news. But rest assured, it was the usual panic over nothing.

    Whilst it is true there are pressures on supply of Prosecco in the market, it is certainly not time to panic just yet,” reassures Nick Jones, SPAR wine buyer.
    “The factors behind these supply pressures are a smaller than average harvest last year and vastly increased global demand as more and more customers discover Prosecco and its appealing charm.

    “It has shifted from being a celebration drink to an enjoyable anytime occasion drink of choice. If there are some wineries or retailers that run a little short then it will be for an extremely brief period before the new harvest is available so I don’t envisage widespread empty shelves.”

    What with that wonderful news, we thought it was time to celebrate. Here are five ways to enjoy your fizz this summer…

    1. Pimp it up

    Prosecco is of course an absolute delight on its own, but for extra summer fun add peach puree to create Bellinis or try it combined with Chambord raspberry liqueur. “For something a bit punchier, a small measure of sloe gin works well or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try a couple of drops of lime cordial and lemon sorbet for a refreshing fizz!” adds Nick.

    2. Glasses

    The perfect fizz needs the perfect flute.
    We love these pretty as a picture Pastel Polka champagne flutes, £29.95, from Annabel Jones.

    3. Snack attack

    All the fun of the fizz means one thing: snacks are needed. “The main draw to Prosecco is that it is fun, approachable and not too heavy so you can pair it with lots of delicious foods,” explains Nick. “If you wanted to serve it with a meal opt for tasty salads, seasonal veg dishes, or fish. It can even go with desserts such as crème brûlée or lemon tarts.”


    From wine charms to novelty ice cube trays, there are countless ways to accessorise your glasses.
    You can get some beautiful glass markers if you’re having lots of people around for a do and it puts an end to ‘that’s my glass’ arguments.

    5. Plan a picnic

    Throw a blanket into your hamper, add a bottle of prosecco, plastic glasses and selection of delicious treats for the ultimate laid back summer day. “We all know Prosecco works fantastically well on its own but I love pairing it with summer snacks such as olives, continental cooked meats, chorizo, and crisps and dips,” suggests Nick.


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