8 tools every baker should have in their kitchen

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  • Fancy yourself as the next Great British Bake Off champ? Read on if you have something to prove…

    If you’re ready to get your bake on for the next series of The Great British Bake Off, don’t get started without the following – your ultimate baking essentials which no pinny-wearing kneader should be without in the kitchen

    1. A mixer with a dough hook

    You can of course make and bake with your bare hands, but using a mixer for cakes really speeds up the prep time (and gives you more time for eating!). For bread bakers, a dough hook is essential as it kneeds dough quickly without the mess. Most mixers come with a dough hook as standard but it’s worth checking before you buy if you’re planning on knocking back a few loaves.

    2. Measuring spoons

    These are super handy for measuring tiny amounts of essentials like vanilla essence, yeast and food colouring. You don’t see Nigella baking without hers…

    3. Digital scales

    Guesstimation has no place in a baker’s kitchen (unless you’re Mary or Paul and even then there’s always a pair of scales present in their masterclasses). Invest in a quality set of digital scales to ensure every bake goes to plan and you’ll never look back.

    4. Quality baking tins and trays

    It might seem like a small thing to invest money in, but buying heavy, quality tins and trays is well worth it. Light trays can bend after several uses, which is incredibly frustrating (and tricky to lift out with your oven mitts).

    5. Knives

    There are numerous strings to a palette knife’s bow – you can smooth icing, lift biccies from baking trays and loosen cakes from tins. Invest in a good quality kitchen knife
    (and keep it sharp) for cutting, pricking and scoring.

    6. Sieves

    These are essential for two key items: Flour and icing sugar. Don’t skip the sieving step to save a few minutes – it will have more of an impact than you think on your finished bake.

    7. A heavy rolling pin

    Choose a heavy duty, wide rolling pin which you can use for dough or royal icing.

    8. Dough scraper

    An essential piece of kit for dividing and shaping bread dough, and lifting small pieces of dough away from your work surface. You can get steel scrapers for dough and silicone or plastic versions for cake decorating.

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