Navy kitchen ideas – to add an element of rich colour and sophistication to any space

Give new meaning to the term feeling blue by decorating with the colour of the moment
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  • Navy blue is fast becoming one of the most popular colour choices when it comes to modern kitchen design. Thinking about going for a navy colour palette in your kitchen? Explore our navy kitchen ideas to help guide your design journey, because with bold  colour it’s essential to get the balance right.

    A navy kitchen might not be your first thought when deciding on a new colour scheme for the heart of your home, but don’t be afraid to go dark. This classic and smart shade of blue can create a crisp and sophisticated look. What’s more, it works with any style of cabinetry or property.

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    ‘Gone are the days where dark colours in the kitchen and living spaces feel all ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’, ‘ says Matt Baker, kitchen designer at Harvey Jones. ‘Colour completely alters the mood of a room. Used cleverly darker shades of blue give a side of sophistication and drama to the space. Especially when dressed with statement metallic ironmongery and well positioned lighting.

    Take a look at our pick of the best navy kitchen ideas to emphasis how this dark hue can enhance a kitchen, adding depth and atmosphere.

    Navy kitchen ideas

    1. Unite living spaces with a navy scheme

    navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Chris Snook

    Use this rich tone on the walls throughout your downstairs living areas. If the kitchen is off the living room help to create a seamless journey into the next room with the help of a matching colour palette. Navy is the perfect shade to set a striking, sophisticated balance for a living room and an open-plan kitchen and dining area. Using the same colour to decorate both helps to make the spaces feel united, identifying a personality for the most sociable areas of the home.

    2. Off set bold blue with gold fittings

    blue kitchen with gold handles

    Image credit: David Giles

    For a kitchen where style is the essence opt for gold handles and fixtures to really add the wow factor. Use lighting to highlight the bold kitchen colour. Exposed bulb pendants allows a bigger pool of light to expose the shade fully, rather than cast shadows. With an already dark cabinet colour you may not want to welcome any more of a moody atmosphere due to bad lighting.

    3. Choose floor-to-ceiling cupboards along one wall

    navy kitchen

    Image credit: James Balston

    When using such a bold shade why not go all out. Filling an entire wall with bespoke units creates a feature-like wall of colour. The streamlined navy blue cabinetry against just one wall draws the eye and injects life into the area, making a strong statement. Choosing an island in the same shade helps to compliment the main wall, anchoring the colour back to the feature wall.

    Keep surrounding materials light to create contrast, with white painted walls and light wooden floors.

    4. Ground darker cabinets with lighter flooring

    navy kitchen ideas with white walls and light wood floors

    Image credit: Harvey Jones

    To keep the look balanced when using darker colours on the cabinetry, the general design rule is to add in lighter surfaces. Starting with the floor is a good place to keep the look grounded. Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones, advises ‘Light worktops and/or flooring will balance the overall look and will make the space feel brighter and more lively. A dark flooring choice might overwhelm the space and make the look too gloomy.

    5. Keep it light

    Image credit: B&Q, GoodHome Artemisia kitchen in Midnight Blue, from £1,298

    Frame a kitchen space with an L-shape of beautiful blue cabinetry. Running an L-shape of units under a window will help to welcome natural light onto the corner, to prevent the dark colour from feeling too dramatic or claustrophobic. The smart shade stands out even more against light worktops and when paired with silver accents.

    6. Float an island of block colour

    kitchen cabinets grey and navy

    Image credit: Joanna Henderson

    If painting all cabinetry blue is a little daunting, why not go for one focal piece such as a dresser or kitchen island. Navy compliments all neutrals, making the overall scheme feel cohesive. If you want more of a matching vibe you could go one step further and tie the scheme together with navy kitchen tiles, kitchen splashback ideas or accessories.

    7. Frame navy kitchen cabinets with white

    navy kitchen

    Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez

    Using white surfaces to frame the navy caresses stops the bold colour from overpowering the space – an especially great when looking for small kitchen ideas. From white marble worktops and white painted walls encasing bold blue cabinets within a white backdrop keeps the room light, fresh and airy.

    8. Add warmth with touches of wood throughout

    navy kitchen

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    From worktops to flooring, shelving to accessories wooden materials can go a long way to bring out a warmth within a navy kitchen. Work with warm wood finishes such as maple, warm oak, and reclaimed teak.

    9. Give the look a glamorous touch

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: David Woolley

    Navy blue can turn ordinary into sensational. This modern elongated kitchen is eclectic and characterful. The simple white backdrop keeps the space fresh while wall units have been replaced with a single white shelf for a more open feel. Standard veneer units are transformed with a rich shade of navy giving the space depth and style and a glamorous chandelier (which is not a classic kitchen piece) makes the perfect finishing statement.

    10. Pack a punch with pattern

    kitchen tile ideas 4

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Incorporate the colour in all aspects of your kitchen design. From the painted cabinets to the patterned tile choice. Navy gives pattern a punch, it therefore works wonders within a navy kitchen.

    When opting for pattern choose just one or two neutrals such as soft taupe or linen to work alongside. The simplicity of this combo is its strength, it will lose impact and become too overwhelming if too many shades or accent colours come into play. If you must add an accent, keep it tonal with stainless-steel appliances.

    11. Paint the walls to get the look

    navy blue wall behind cream kitchen cabinets and shelving

    Image credit: Neptune

    If you’re looking to get the look of a navy kitchen but navy blue cabinets are too permanent, try painting the walls instead. A quick coat of paint on a wall is the simplest and most cost effective way to add the tasteful shade to your kitchen for super chic results. Thanks to its striking richness it asks as a beautiful backdrop for white or cream cabinets, helping to add depth to the overall scheme.

    12. Pair navy framework with pastel pink

    navy kitchen with pantry with pink walls

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    Pastel pink is a deliciously complimentary colour for navy. As this kitchen pantry shows, a splash of pastel pink offers a warming shade to enhance the blue. Used here inside the cabinets it can create a beautiful backdrop behind navy doors.

     13. Keep navy cabinets low level

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Homebase, Classic Shaker Kitchen from £670

    If you’re looking to use a dominant navy blue on the cabinets but fear it proving too overpowering, we suggest opting for the colour on the low level cabinetry. The wall-mounted cabinets work perfectly well in a complimentary soft grey, as Homebase demonstrate above with their new Classic Shaker kitchen. Choosing two different colours allows you to be bold with an element of your colour choice, without feeling out of your comfort zone.

    14. Pair with grey for effortless style

    open plan kitchen

    Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez

    Navy and grey as a colour combo never fails to delight. Both shades manage to emulate an effortless cool, making them easy to live with but uber stylish. For an open-plan kitchen and living area, where all one shade would feel flat, choose grey to compliment the statement shade of blue. Choose grey furniture pieces, opting for structured  shapes that feel more elegant. Sofas with feet allow the light to flow beneath, keeping the scheme feeling light and airy – despite the dark tone present. Mimic the blue into the adjoining space with accessories and soft furnishings.

    15. Tailor the colour for a traditional style

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez

    For more traditional kitchen tastes, Shaker units become accentuated and high-end when painted in classic navy blue. This is a tailored look perfect for those who love classic design. Here navy blue cabinetry gives this Shaker-style, open-plan kitchen a super stylish and refined look.

    Natural finishes such as parquet flooring and smooth wooden stools lend a warm lived-in feel while a crisp white backdrop keeps the room light, fresh and airy.

    16. Elevate the colour scheme

    Open-plan kitchen

    Image credit: Oliver Gordon

    If coloured kitchen cabinets is a step too far for your tastes, stick to working with a limited silver of this striking shade of blue. A navy blue border around the edge of a white kitchen goes a long way to lift the colour scheme without overwhelming the look. Introduce matching colour through kitchen textiles, kitchenware and accessories.

    17. Incorporate colour at the windows

    Navy kitchen ideas painted shutters

    Image credit: David Parmiter

    Flood the kitchen with a hint of blue by framing the windows in the same rich navy tones. If you’re lucky enough to have traditional wooden shutters even better, match the shade to completely blanket the windows in navy blue. If not you can simply paint the wooden surrounds and finish with a matching navy blue blind.

    18. Stick to feature walls for bold colour choices

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    If really want a navy kitchen colour scheme but are fearful of the colour dating or perhaps you’re too nervous about committing to the whole look – why not try dipping your toe in with a navy painted feature wall. You get to embrace the look without having to jump in wholeheartedly by painting units.

    Navy blue walls pair beautifully with all the tones most favoured in the kitchen – warm woods, sophisticated greys and crisp white.

    19. Create a classic country scheme

    country kitchen with blue cabinets, wood worktops and green metro tiles

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    The fresh contrast of French navy, cream and sage green – is perfect for a contemporary country kitchen. The half and half of navy blue units and sage green tiles offers an inject of warming colour. White on all walls helps to create a perfectly balanced feel. Mix in warmer elements such as wooden flooring and worktops to support the rustic country aesthetic. Ticking stripe fabrics add pattern to enhance the look. 

    20. Add decorative navy blue touches

    navy kitchen ideas matching blue tiles

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Who says your kitchen has to embrace coloured cabinets to qualify as a navy blue kitchen. Painting the walls and choosing complimentary blue tiles can help to get a stylish navy blue scheme, without the expense of new cabinets or the effort of painting the old ones.

    The tiles don’t have to match, blending different tonal blues welcomes a depth to the over scheme. It stops the surfaces looking too matchy-matchy.

    21. Extend colour scheme to the splashback

    Navy kitchen

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Tie the hue through from kitchen cabinets to a tiled splashback for an impactful approach. If you have a kitchen with a high ceiling, why not continue the navy colour scheme by adding in some light fittings in a slight different tone of blue like in this kitchen. Here, the tiles with navy accents are the main attraction. However, by pairing it with simply navy cabinets and a neutral counter top they don’t take over the room but work with it to create a fun space.

    22. Make it your own by painting cabinets

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Douglas Gibb

    Fancy a change on a budget? Paint the units yourself to transform the space, tailoring the look to suit your tastes. Update a traditional kitchen with a coat of this on-trend colour, painting as much or as little as you wish. Enhance the impact with red accents to take the look retro or pare it down with shades of grey or biscuit. Painted kitchens can look incredibly stylish and sophisticated when done right.

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    23. Set the scene with warm accents

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Darren Chung

    Nothing makes navy blue stand out quite like bright white – they are the perfect combination for modern country kitchens. Elegant, fresh and timeless, the contrast is instantly uplifting. Mix in warmer elements like natural wood to soften the strong effect. A trio of copper pendant lights is right-on-trend and adds a dash of shine to this scheme.

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    24. Use colour to create zones

    Navy kitchen ideas

    Image credit: Richard Gadsby

    Choosing contrasting shades helps define zones in a large open-plan kitchen-diner. For modern kitchen fans, navy blue can really pack a punch when used with clean-lined gloss cabinetry. The light grey central island is a social station that calms and balances the look. The hi-gloss finish bounces the light around the room and adds to the sense of openness.

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    What colours go with a navy kitchen?

    What colours go with a navy kitchen is an easy question to answer, because navy as a colour lends itself perfectly as a sharp and sophisticated accent to most colours – taking on a different tone depending on the colour combination. When paired with gold and brass it has an impactful presence, striking in its contrast. Where as against soft muted neutrals navy feels somehow softer. Splashes of pastel pink on walls works wonderfully with in a navy kitchen, as the pantry cupboard above demonstrates.

    White will also work to make the space feel light and airy, even when contrast with a darker kitchen colour. Navy and white together allows you to create a kitchen of two contrasting tones, without it taking on a monochrome scheme.

    ‘For a smart, uniformed look, I’d recommend opting for a matt finish and pairing with light worktops and with silver accents to help the shade stand out’ says Olivia Anderson, Trends Forecaster at B&Q.

    What floors go with a navy kitchen?

    In reality what floors go with a navy kitchen depends on the look you wish to create. If your kitchen is traditional in style then navy cabinets will benefit from the warmth of wooden flooring. From real parquet flooring to realistic wood-look laminate the tones underfoot will help to add a warming quality to the scheme. If the kitchen is contemporary the design can afford to be more bold with white-painted floor boards, sleek marble or stone flooring to create a stark contrast.

    ‘When it comes to choosing the materials and colours that go with a dark kitchen, consider the mood and overall look you want to achieve’ advises Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones. ‘Generally, when paired with dark cabinetry, light worktops and/or flooring will balance the overall look and will make the space feel brighter and more lively. If you opt for dark flooring and/or worktops, you’ll have a more serious, refined look. No matter which scheme you want to achieve, we always suggest adding a few lighter touches in your kitchen to bring a little brightness and make sure the room doesn’t look too gloomy.’

    Have these navy kitchen ideas inspired you to step into the blue?

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