Throwing this in the bin could be costing you £500 a year – and it’s completely avoidable

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  • If you live in the South East, you could be wasting even more!

    Save the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves — it’s an adage as old as time. But according to new research its something that Brits are failing to heed, particularly when it comes to their homes.

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    The study from Sell My Mobile questioned more than 3,000 people and found that many were guilty of a committing a number of wilfully wasteful behaviours that could be costing their wallets as well as the environment. However, there was one that was by far the worst…

    Brits wasteful habits

    Image credit: Simon Scarboro

    The survey reveals that Brits bin 15 per cent of their weekly food shop! And for residents of the South East that figure rises to an even more wasteful 25 per cent. The cost of ditching said food mounts up – if you take the price of the average weekly food shop in the UK, £64.76, spoiling 15 per cent of it equates to chucking away £500 a year!

    And that’s not the only kitchen-based crime being committed. Others include using the dishwasher for a couple of items (40 per cent), allowing food to go off because they didn’t fancy eating it (41 per cent), throwing recyclable items into the dustbin (54 per cent) and buying bags for life and not taking them shopping before using single carriers (45 per cent).

    In the rest of the home, things didn’t look much better with survey participants leaving lights on in rooms they’re not using (41 per cent) and overusing the central heating/setting the thermostat set too high (48 per cent).


    Image credit: Heather Gunn

    Over in the bathroom there were more energy-bill busting moves with those surveyed showering for longer than they needed to (50 per cent) and leaving the water running while they brushed their teeth (38 per cent).

    And when it came to regional variations perhaps the most shocking statistic of all was that Londoners are the biggest offenders when it comes to opening a full size bottle of wine/prosecco and drinking only a glass (89 per cent)!

    Commenting on the figures, Jack Webster, spokesperson for Sell My Mobile, highlighted some of the cost savings Brits could be making, saying:

    ‘It’s easy to think that your individual actions won’t make much difference but the huge environmental success that forced charges for single use carriers shows that we all have the power to make a difference.

    ‘If the environmental impact isn’t enough of an incentive, reducing waste – as 41 per cent of Brits have already identified – is a good way to help your budget. Gadgets lying around gathering dust aren’t just a nightmare for Marie Kondo, they’re full of precious metals and recycling them can make you, on average, £141, as well as freeing up drawer space.

    ‘Life is unpredictable so some waste is unavoidable, but throwing away a quarter of your food shop speaks more to bad planning and adds up to £500 a year.’

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    What wasteful habit have you been unwittingly taking part in?

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