Revealed! How often we clean our kitchen appliances – it makes filthy reading!

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    New research by Thomas Sanderson has revealed just how often we clean our kitchen appliances. And if Monica Geller was reading this, she’d be ready to come over with a bucket and sponges. Because it seems we’re pretty lazy when it comes to washing our oven, fridges and countertop gadgets. It’s enough to have you reaching for the Flash*.

    * Other cleaners are available…

    Hmmm, really? Is this way of cleaning is about to become a thing of the past?

    We’ve tallied up the average days between cleans from the fewest to the most. So we can officially reveal the appliance we wash the least. Can you guess what it is?

    How often we clean our kitchen appliances

    Image credit: David Giles

    7. Hob – 5 days between cleans
    6. Toaster – 14 days between cleans
    5. Microwave – 60 days between cleans
    4. Freezer – 105 days between cleans
    3. Oven – 120 days between cleans
    2. Washing machine – 123 days between cleans
    1. Fridge – 365 days between cleans

    So shockingly (we think, anyway) the poor fridge comes out as the dirtiest appliance in our kitchen, going a full year between cleans. And why don’t they do it? Well the biggest excuse – sorry – answer was that ‘it doesn’t look dirty’, with a whopping 59 per cent giving it as a reason. Other reasons include ‘I was waiting for someone else to do it’ (49 per cent) and ‘I don’t have time’ (38 per cent).

    Rather shamefully, those surveyed were asked if anyone had ever said anything about a filthy appliance in their house. We’re not sure exactly who those surveyed were, but 64 per cent admitted they’d been ‘dirt shamed’ by family, friends or neighbours! Yet ironically, 72 per cent would judge others on the state of their white goods.

    Would you clean it or chuck it?


    Image credit: Olly Gordon

    But we’ve saved the most shocking statistic until last. Nearly two fifths – that’s 39 per cent – admitted that they’d left an appliance to get so dirty, they’d decided to throw it away rather than clean it! The top appliances to be replaced were found to be the microwave (42 per cent), then a toaster (28 per cent). Surely it’s not so hard to scrub off some burned on beans of shake out those crumbs?!! You dirty lot!

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    ‘The age-old adage of “if it looks clean it is clean” is obviously a mantra that many live by,’ says Syndey Smith, Marketing Manager for Thomas Sanderson. ‘But household appliances still need to be cleaned even if they look clean. The fact that the average microwave is used for two months between each clean doesn’t make for savoury reading, so it’s no wonder so many have received a negative comment about their house.’

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