Experts reveal how to save money on heating bills as the cold weather spell continues

To your home warm and cosy
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  • It might almost be March, but the frosty weather shows no signs of letting up and neither do our hefty heating bills. Luckily we have a few expert tips to help save money on heating and keep you warm and cosy at home this weekend.

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    When it comes to keeping our homes warm, in the UK we’re not the best at it. In fact, according to a new study by tado°, an intelligent home climate management company, our homes are losing heat a lot faster than our European neighbours.

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    The study found that a UK home looses heat up to three times as fast as a house in Germany. This sadly means our heating systems are having to work a lot harder.

    However, remoulding our homes to stop them loosing as much heat is a tall order, especially when summer is just around the corner. Instead, these simple tips from the experts at BestHeating should help ward off the winter chill and a hefty heating bill.

    How to save money on heating bills

    1.Bleed your radiators

    If your radiators aren’t heating up properly they probably need to be bled. It’s a quick and easy job that will make your radiator work more efficiently, and help save money!

    2. Don’t block radiator

    Anything placed over a radiator will block the flow of air. That means the boiler will just have to work harder, costing even more money.

    If you have a sofa or armchair pushed up against it, move it!

    3. Close your curtains

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    A lot of heat can be lost through windows and walls. Stop the great heat escape by closing your curtains and tucking them behind your radiator in the evenings.

    4. Invest in a rug

    Rugs aren’t just an accessory to jazz up the living room. During the colder months, they add an extra layer of insulation to your flooring. Keeping the room warmer at no extra cost.

    5. Draught-proof doors and windows

    It might seem old fashioned to use a draft excluder at the foot of your door, but trust us they work. Filling in any gaps around doors and windows will all help to save money on your heating bill in the long term.

    6. Clean your radiators

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    If you notice cold spots at the bottom of your radiator when the heating is on full blast it could mean you’ve got a build-up of sludge. This is a sign that your radiators need a good clean to get the hot water circulating properly again.

    7. Check your loft insulation

    A quarter of a home’s heat is lost through poorly insulated roof spaces. Check your roof insulation has a depth of between 250 and 270 mm, to make sure you aren’t loosing all that precious heat out of the roof.

    8. Only turn the heat on when you need it

    BestHeating’s John Lawless advises only putting the heating on for a couple of hours a day, rather than leaving it on low all day.

    ‘Sure, your boiler will have to work a little harder to heat up a cold home when you first switch it on. But having it on constantly will use more energy than just switching it on when you need it,’ he says.’

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    Will you be trying out any of these tips?

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