Sales of this £70 John Lewis kitchen gadget have increased by 300 per cent

It has an impressive 14 functions!
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  • Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what goes into their food, which is why it’s no surprise that many are choosing to create meals and snacks from scratch. And it’s exactly this trend that has led to a dramatic upsurge in sales of one hard-working kitchen gadget from John Lewis & Partners.

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    John Lewis & Partners buyer Stella Winklewska has revealed that its Drew & Cole CleverChef Digital Multicooker has seen an impressive sales climb of 300 per cent.

    john lewis cleverchef digital multicooker

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    ‘Our customers are getting more creative in the kitchen and investing in [products that allow them] to add a personal touch,’ she explained.

    The CleverChef has an average 4-star rating on the John Lewis & Partners website, boasts a large 5l pot, Flavour Lock Technology, intuitive, touchscreen controls and comes complete with the following accessories:

    • Steamer tray
    • Spoon
    • Measuring cup
    • Recipe book

    Priced at £69.99 this multi-tasking item has 14 pre-set cooking functions including Steam, Stew, Soup, Roast, Poach, Bread Rise, Bake, Fish, Saute, Brown, Rice, Pasta, Slow Cook High, Slow Cook Low and Yoghurt settings.

    john lewis cleverchef digital multicooker

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    Buy now: Drew & Cole CleverChef Digital Multicooker, £69.99, John Lewis & Partners

    And it could be the last function on this list that is proving the biggest draw for homeowners and keen cooks, as figures from leading kitchenware retailer Lakeland have also revealed higher sales of two of its yoghurt-making devices between May 13th and May 20th. Priced at £24.99 the Lakeland Multi Yogurt and Soft Cheese Maker saw sales increase by 39 per cent during this period.

    A similar trend was seen for the Lakeland 7-Cup Electric Yogurt Maker (priced at £29.99), which saw sales jump by 37 per cent during this period.

    john lewis cleverchef digital multicooker

    Buy now: 7-Cup Electric Yogurt Maker, £29.99, Lakeland 

    We’re no strangers to coming over all Nigella in the kitchen and the prospect of making thick, creamy yoghurt exactly to our tastes to pour over a bowl of muesli or dip our strawberries into as Wimbledon season rolls around certainly appeals.

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    Would you try making DIY yoghurt at home?

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