14 things you’re hoarding in your kitchen cupboard that you don’t need

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  • Embark on a cupboard cleanse and rid your kitchen of that unnecessary utensil weight

    You’re armed with enough chopsticks to serve everyone in China – should they pop over unannounced – and you have enough mugs to drown a city of people in tea.

    Realistically though, you don’t need 80 egg cups, a melon baller (where did it come from?!) or any of these cupboard items, but you can’t seem to part with them!

    Sound familiar?

    50+ mugs

    Unless you plan on hosting the next Jubilee street party for your entire village there is absolutely no need for 50+ mugs in all shapes and sizes. Especially when you have your favourite few and neglect most of them anyway.

    Egg slicer

    Thanks to the 80s the egg slicer became a staple in every British household. Over time though we have grown to love sloppy scrambled eggs and no longer need perfectly cut egg pieces in our sandwiches.

    Melon baller

    Another kitchen utensil courtesy of the 80s, the melon baller is that strange stick with double ended disks. As you haven’t made a melon, Parma ham and mozzarella salad for 30 years, it’s definitely time to chuck it out.

    Mini everything

    We guarantee you’ve got a few mini whisks from hot chocolate sets, mini graters from Christmas crackers and mini zesters that have lost all the zest. Unless you’re Stuart Little, part with the miniatures.


    Perfect for soufflés, chocolate fondants and all those other puddings you never make. No doubt you’ll have cupboards spilling over with the white porcelain pots and it’s time for a dish detox.

    Egg poacher

    Everyone thought it’d be a good idea to poach our eggs to perfection in silicone pouches and ensure a round, glossy blob of egg. What actually happened was a disaster of seeping egg whites, burst yolks and a ruined breakfast.

    Fish knife

    What is a fish knife? What is it used for? Why is it shaped like that? So many unanswerable questions about the unfathomable knife and yet we all own a few and can’t seem to part with them.

    Salad spinner

    An unnecessary little plastic pot used to spin your leaves and ensure crispness…all while you can just buy fresh leaves or a pre made salad.

    Fondue set

    Adorable at kids birthday celebrations or dinner parties in the 80s but dunking strawberries in clumpy, overcooked chocolate is out of fashion and that pot is taking up valuable cupboard space.

    Spice grinder

    What even is a spice grinder? Head to the supermarket and sitting between the salt and the olive oil you will find a range of little pots full of already ground spices.


    A glorified casserole dish that’s too big to fit in the oven and requires taking all the shelves out so you cant cook anything else alongside it. And how do we even go about storing the volcanic shaped pot?

    Fried egg shapers

    How do you like your eggs in the morning? If you liked them shaped as flowers or hearts and bought into the craze that was metal fried egg shapers before discovering they stuck to your pan and made your egg cook unevenly, rid yourself of them!

    Novelty wine accessories

    Maybe acceptable at Christmas, and we mean maybe, any novelty wine related item have to go: decorated corks, stem decorations and name tags that hang from the corner of the glass and stab you in the nose every time you go to take a sip.

    Thermos flasks

    Bought with so many good intentions to make your own coffee to take on the train. If it hasn’t been used in a month, ditch it and admit coffee-buying defeat.

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