This is the kitchen gadget we’ve officially STOPPED using

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  • And can you guess which gadget we use the most?

    When Lakeland – the font of all domestic know-how – releases a report on the most (and least) used kitchen gadgets, it’s safe to say we’re all ears.

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    The retailer sells everything (and we mean everything) that one could feasibly think of in the food prep department, from the weird (corn strippers and mango splitters, anyone?) to the downright essential.

    And now they have revealed that the kitchen gadget gathering the most dust at the back of our cupboards is…

    Our least-used kitchen gadget

    Lakeland kitchen gadgets

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    … the fondue set. Six in ten owners of this bit of kit admitted to not using it. A 60s/70s classic, perhaps it’s time for a fondue comeback…?


    Image credit: Lakeland

    Our most-used kitchen gadget

    As for the kitchen item we simply cannot live without? It’s the humble slow-cooker, a similarly retro – yet infinitely more practical –gadget.

    We’re guessing that as more of us commute to work, the slow-cooker’s popularity has surged somewhat.


    Image credit: Lakeland

    Its charm is three-fold, allowing users to come home to a hot plate of food, deterring us from buying ready meals, AND doing our food prep for us.

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    The slow-cooker is a money-saver, too, as it works magic on those cheaper, gnarlier cuts of meat, resulting in ultra-tasty stews and casseroles. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 19 per cent of those who have one consider it their most useful gadget.

    Our most-owned kitchen gadget


    Image credit: Lakeland

    Where would we be without this time-saving contraption? It’s easy to forget that microwaves weren’t always so ubiquitous. As recently as 1983, the cheapest model on the market was a Hitachi MR 6200, which, at £199 (the equivalent of around £640 today), would have been deemed by many a luxury item.

    Fast forward 35 years and 84 per cent of people say they have one, according to Lakeland’s study. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the rise of mobiles, we are now more likely to own a microwave than a landline telephone.

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    And these kitchen companions have improved over the years. No longer merely nuking ready meals, today’s microwaves can be used to poach an egg, cook an omelette, bake cakes, roast a chicken or steam vegetables.

    Most people (79 per cent) do indeed still use it to heat food, while 73 per cent are zapping those ready meals, 66 per cent are defrosting frozen food and 36% are cooking raw ingredients. There’s no sign of the microwave becoming redundant anytime soon.

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