Make a statement with forest green

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  • This mellow shade of green is as soothing as it is strong

    Painting walls in flat matt forest green will dial down the glare in a bright space, promoting a mellower mood that’s perfect for relaxing. Cocooning in winter and cooler in summer, it looks great balanced with equal amounts of flannel grey. Add pops of yellow to prevent deep greens feeling too dark and gloomy.

    The texture of unfinished wooden furniture stands out beautifully against strong shades of green.

    Shades of green work wonderfully with each other, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark blue- and yellow-based tones.

    Deep green can work in smaller spaces, too – even on all four walls if you offset it above the dado with white. It’ll change mood as the day goes on, feeling fresh and energising in the morning, then dramatic and immersive at night. Blush-pink accents give green a softer, prettier feel.

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