We’re just not drinking enough – water, that is – and instead of popping the kettle on, half the UK claim they’re just too busy with work to take a break

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  • New research shows that while most of us drink only two glasses of water a day - well below the recommended six - us Brits also avoid making drinks for colleagues as it takes us away from work for too long... tsk tsk

    Thirsty? Tired? Losing concentration? Well it must be your turn to get the (soft) drinks in, then.

    Yes, it turns out that as a nation we are not drinking enough fluids.

    A new survey from Zip UK, suppliers of instant hot water taps, reveals that nearly half the UK population find that they are simply too busy to drink – and risking dehydration.

    And almost 60% of Brits don’t drink enough water during the day because they are preoccupied with other activities.

    The research found that while most of us drink only two glasses of water a day – well below the recommended six – areas of the UK where people are expected to be most dehydrated are Yorkshire and London.

    Brits also admitted that they avoid putting the kettle on, as it takes them away from their work for too long, with women being particularly guilty of this.

    As well as feeling thirsty, signs of dehydration can include feeling tired, light-headed and getting headaches, according to the NHS.

    ‘We’re not used to extreme temperatures in this country,’ says Nick Taylor, Sales Director at Zip UK, ‘and making sure we drink enough is just one way of making sure our bodies are better equipped to cope with the effects of heat.’

    ‘Avoiding drinking to save time at work is especially counterproductive, as dehydration can hamper productivity – meaning we aren’t able to get as much done.

    ‘As well as drinking more water, tea, coffee and cordials also count towards our recommended daily intake of fluids,’ says Nick Taylor, ‘and a combination of all of these can help keep you fully hydrated this summer.’

    So next time it’s your turn for the tea round, get everyone a cuppa – chances are your colleagues need it!

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