Anything you can do, I can do better! A tenth of Brits take sneaky snaps of their friends’ homes for decorating ideas

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  • A new survey reveals that homeowners are taking photos of their friends’ and families’ interiors without their knowledge - and recreating the look in their own homes

    What inspired your last decorating scheme? A flick through some magazines, a TV show… or your friend’s beautiful living room?

    According to new research, it appears that we’re going undercover these days to get snaps for interiors inspiration.

    The survey from furniture retailer revealed that over half of Brits are guilty of ‘home cloning’ when decorating their homes.

    Home cloning is when a person bases a design of a room on a friend or family member’s home.

    With smartphones in our pockets, it seems we just can’t resist whipping
    out our cameras for a quick picture of that sexy sofa or those must-have

    The poll of over 1,900 UK homeowners showed that 74% were more likely to take inspiration from friends’ and family members’ homes than TV programmes (11%), interiors magazines/websites (8%) and expert advice (2%).

    And one tenth (9%) admitted to capturing undercover images of homes without permission.

    When it comes to stealing decorating ideas, the top five rooms for home cloning are the bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom.

    ‘They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery,’ says Louis-Florent Beng, CEO and co-founder of Sengtai. ‘However, there is a fine line between taking inspiration and ripping off someone else’s interior design ideas completely.’

    ‘Some people may lack the time to research how they want their home to look, however, with some dedication and confidence in their own choices, anyone can create their own unique dream home environment.’

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