Welcome to procrastination nation! Been putting off that paint job? Turns out you’re not the only one…

Yep - it's official, the UK is a nation of 'putter offers' as mountains of unfinished household tasks cause arguments for the majority of Brits

Putting off a household chore? It turns out you’re in good company as
according to new research, 75% of us procrastinate, leaving us
frustrated with a mountain of incomplete jobs, such as cleaning the
and painting that grubby skirting board.

And you know what those unfinished jobs lead to. Arguments.

Yes, according to Crucial.com, over a quarter of Brits argue about unfinished tasks at least once a
week. Men wish that their partner would stop bringing up the subject
(31%), while women want their men to be more helpful (42%). Well, it’s not much to ask, is it?

Do you have a household chore or decorating job that's waiting to be done? You're not the only one - 75% of us procrastinate, leaving us frustrated with incomplete jobs  PR image

The majority of people surveyed (58%) had left jobs undone for over six months; a third leave tasks for a year and one in 10 just can’t find motivation to even begin a chore… for over five years. Now that’s a LOT of unfinished tasks!

Although technology is supposed to be there to help us in the house, fixing the home computer is one of the things we persistently put off – but can be quickly fixed.

‘I sympathise with people who put off upgrading their computer when it is slow to boot up’, says Roddy Mclean, a computer expert at Crucial.com. ‘However, fixing computer memory is one of the easiest jobs around the home to fix – it takes just minutes, and can make a huge difference to your home life.’

In the mood to decorate? Gathering inspiration is the easy part, but starting practical tasks is something many of us procrastinate about...

But as well as causing arguments at home, it turns out that
unfinished jobs leave us feeling guilt ridden and with low self-esteem
as we wish we were more proactive.

Tiredness and lack of time were
some of the more predictable reasons behind procrastinating, but,
surprisingly, the most common reason cited by respondents is
prioritising taks that are enjoyable (48%) over jobs which would make
our lives easier.

So the chances of painting the living room, fixing the squeaking doors and spring cleaning anytime soon are… Well, maybe it can wait a month or two.

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