Calling Yorkshire Tea fans – save on 1040 tea bags with this HUGE Black Friday discount!

We’ll just leave that there and let it mash
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  • Yes, fans of a proper brew rejoice – you can save on Yorkshire Tea. Amazon is selling bulk 3.25kg packs of Yorkshire Tea (that works out at 1,040 teabags) for £16.99. That’s seven quid off the RRP of £23.99.

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    The great thing about Black Friday is that tucked in among all the deals for food mixers and carpet washers are the occasional hidden treasures. And this is one for something that won’t end up gathering dust at the back of a cupboard. Not with this deal.

    It’ll enrich your life, literally every day. If you’re a five-cup-a-day kind of person, as most Yorkshire Tea drinkers are, one of these beast-sized packs will last you nearly seven and a half MONTHS. That’s a whole lotta tea.

    Save on Yorkshire Tea at Amazon – quick link

    Save on Yorkshire Tea – here’s the deal

    Yorkshire Teabags 3.25kg: RRP £23.99, now £16.99, Amazon
    Save £7 on this bulk pack of Yorkshire Tea, a proper brew that’s big on flavour, seriously refreshing and kind to the people who grow it.

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    Want to make your brew even better? Here are some tips from Yorkshire Tea’s experts…

    First, warm your pot or mug so your tea doesn’t go cold too quickly. Also, always use fresh water in the kettle. It’s aerated, so has more oxygen – which helps give the tea more flavour.

    Next up, let your kettle go a little bit off the boil before you pour in the water. A bit controversial, this one, if you like your tea steaming hot. But to maximise the flavour (and not scorch the tea), 90 degrees centigrade is the best. Still plenty hot enough!

    How long should you let it mash? Well, that depends on how strong you like it. Teabags are designed to steep quickly, so two minutes should do it (resist the urge to squeeze the bag! It’ll make your tea taste bitter). If you like the teaspoon to stand up in it, you’d better push it to four minutes. Any longer, and it’ll be stewed.

    Lastly, add milk or lemon. Oh, what’s that you say? You put the milk in first? Well, that’s plain wrong.

    If strong tea’s not your bag, here are three Black Friday tea deals for southerners:

    Clipper Organic Everyday 100 Teabags (Pack of 6, Total 600 Teabags): RRP £22.14, now £14.99, Amazon
    Get 32% off this elegant everyday black tea in plastic-free, biodegradable bags.

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    Twinings Everyday Teabags (Total 1200): was £32.65, now £25.99, Amazon
    If this is your favourite tea, or a treat for when you fancy something a bit special, it’s now on sale at a 20% discount.

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    Clipper Organic Fairtrade Pure Green 80 Tea Bags (Pack of 6, Total 480): RRP £23.94, now £14.39, Amazon
    Prefer a naturally decaf brew? This organic green tea is light and refreshing.

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    Fancy a brew? It’s your round, you know.

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