Genius gadget of the day? Tech that tells you if you’ve run out of milk

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  • See into the future... we mean fridge

    It may have been all about the Spiralizer in 2015, but this year tech company Smarter is stealing the limelight in the world of kitchen gadgets.

    With the assistance of an app on your Smartphone and a small device in the kitchen it is now possible to make a cup of coffee before you’re home, look inside your fridge even when you’re at work and know if the washing machine has finished its cycle whilst you’re at lunch.

    Sound good? Here’s what you need to know:

    The Smarter Fridge Cam is a small white pod that mounts to the inside of your refrigerator. By connecting to the app you can see what you’ve run out of with the click of a button.

    Never again will you be food shopping and forget what you need! But it doesn’t stop there…

    The cunning range of Smarter Mats detect when you are getting low on something and will even send a reminder to your mobile – never again will you open the fridge in the morning to see you’ve run out of milk.

    By monitoring the weight, the mat is able to determine how much product is left in the bottle and warns you before it’s too late.

    The Smarter Detector is a small white bubble that sits out of sight and operates as your eyes and ears in the kitchen. Listening out for sounds like the oven alarm or the washing machine ping means you don’t have to.

    Again, a message will be sent to your phone when the dishwasher needs emptying. Now, if only they could build a robot to empty it for you…

    Beyond these cunning gadgets you can also order the iKettle and the Smarter Coffee machine to brew with the click of a button on your mobile.

    This is the future of the kitchen, and we really like the hands-off approach!

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