Creative ways to use the space under the stairs

These creative ways to use the space under the stairs will show you how to utilise the barren spot in your hallway and turn it into something practical
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  • Utilise the barren spot under the stairs and turn it into something magical

    That precious area of square footage that’s currently hiding old musty coats and things without a home shouldn’t be left barren but transformed into your own Narnia wardrobe.

    Get started on your under the stairs transformation project and take inspiration from these genius designs…

    Practical space under stairs ideas

    Hide the washing machine away

    These bulky appliances often take up valuable cupboard space in the kitchen. Some tiny homeowners have even been known to chuck them in the guest bedroom! With some wiring work and an electric socket you have the perfect spot for the beast.

    Create a seating spot

    Build the ultimate entertainment den under the stairs with a simple bench and some shelving. Home those books and CDs that have over spilt their racks. You can also build a cosy seating space that acts as the perfect escapist place for stroppy teenagers, overcharged toddlers or parents in need of wine.

    Make an immaculate coat cupboard

    Traditionally, the spot under the stairs is rammed with old coats and walking boots that no one uses anymore. With a sophisticated storage solution like this one you can slot bags, guests’ jackets, dog walking leads and shoes to leave your hallway clear. This is especially handy if it’s a small space.

    Build a dog den

    Anyone with a cantankerous old animal will know they need as much alone time as we do. By building a simple space for a bed and some drawers you have the perfect pet corner. After wet, wintery walks dogs can come here to dry off and all those cat treats and toys can be stored in the drawers underneath.

    Create some space in the kitchen

    If you have a subterranean kitchen then that area under the stairs is probably your worst nightmare. No fuse sockets for an oven and not enough space to make it a substantial worktop. Stick all the awkward, bulky appliances here such as your fridge and wine coolers to get them out the way and utilise the space.

    Design the perfect hallway storage

    This cunning use of space incorporates coat hooks, a bench and wicker basket storage compartments. Never again will you trip over a pair of shoes whilst trying to wiggle your own boots off, navigate a wet umbrella and have a coat sloping off your shoulders. This all-in-one hallway storage idea is perfect.

    Use the space as a pantry

    Can’t spare the cupboard space in the kitchen but always dreamt of a pantry to feed 10 dozen people in your home? With a few shelves and a lick of paint that tiny spot under the stairs will open out into a supermarket of food. Never again will you misplace a condiment or lose the marmite in this mighty space.

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