Sunday Brunch’s Simon Rimmer shares his best kitchen hack ever

Get the best out of meal prep in 2020 with a little help from the TV expert
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  • Sunday wouldn’t be complete without Sunday Brunch. The much-loved show serves us a healthy helping of cooking inspiration and pop culture on a weekly basis. Responsible for the delicious dishes each week is British restaurateur and cook Simon Rimmer.

    As part of a New Year, new you ethos Simon has shared his top cooking tips. From battling food waste to getting get gym ready, Simon has insightful tips to help us on our way to a better start in the kitchen for 2020.

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    Simon Rimmer’s best kitchen hack and more cooking tips

    Image credit: Hoover

    What’s the best way to poach an egg?

    Simon says, ‘Start with a very fresh egg and add a drop of vinegar to rapidly boiling water. Crack the egg into a cup and pour gently into the water. And that’s it! do not touch it for two minutes and it will become the perfect poached egg.

    Can your share your best kitchen hack?

    ‘Getting creative in the kitchen and finding new ways to use everyday items to compliment your cooking is not only fun but helps create restaurant-quality food,’ says the much-admired chef, who goes on to share his ultimate kitchen trick…

    ‘My favourite kitchen hack is using a coffee grinder to crunch up your spices and release all the flavour.’ Simple yet ingenious.

    Image credit: David Brittain

    In your opinion, what’s the most important cooking skill to possess?

    I’d say the top technique is having the ability to taste. You can then tell when the food is right and what you need to add for it to be the perfect meal.

    What’s the best breakfast when heading to the gym?

    ‘You should never go to the gym without having breakfast first,’ he says. ‘An energy burst will help you get the most out of your session.

    The best pre-gym breakfast is a banana, spoonful of peanut butter, a handful of blueberries with a cup of hot water and lemon on the side.’ A simple, uncomplicated choice from such a foodie.

    What are the benefits of buying local?

    ‘Looking out for the environment means that everyone needs to cut down their food miles. You can sample amazing local cuisine right on your doorstep without having to ship in your food from all over the world,’ Simon explains.

    ‘Buying local supports small businesses and you can find amazing produce such as fresh vegetables and meat without having to travel to the nearest superstore.’

    What’s the best way to prevent excess food waste?

    Simon says, ‘Planning what you are going to eat for the week is the best way to prevent wastage. By knowing what you are going to cook, you can only buy what you need to, so it saves time, money and the environment too!’

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    He also mentions new technologies that can help you preserve food for longer. ‘Hoover’s latest innovation, H-KEEPHEAT, is the world’s first oven designed to cook and preserve food for up to a week.’

    ‘Perfect for households who batch-prepare healthy meals. It stores food at specific temperatures, safeguarding it against bacterial growth – keeping it at the optimum level for nutritional benefits.’

    Sounds fancy! Will you be trying any of Simon’s tips this January?

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