This is one of the most ingenious kitchen makeovers we’ve ever seen…

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  • Creative thinking and an eye for detail have transformed this kitchen from a stripped-out shell to a stunning space where the family can eat, cook and live

    What’s the difference between a good renovation project and a great one? The answer is detail.

    This kitchen went from being a stripped-out blank canvas (our favourite type of project – the possibilities are endless!)…

    … to a light-filled kitchen-diner packed with creative finishing touches that elevate it from OK to OMG!

    Take the kitchen units, for example. It would have been very easy to install sleek, all-white handleless drawers and cupboards.

    But these units work that little bit harder by incorporating a recessed seam of natural wood, which lends them that all-important extra warmth that you need for an inviting family kitchen.

    And then there’s the storage. The drawers are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out, with built-in slots for keeping cutlery organised.

    But the highlight has to be the walk-in larder, complete with bespoke shelves. The pared-back wooden doors with chrome handles put a contemporary spin on this most traditional of kitchen must-haves.

    Look down and you’ll find more clever details on the floor. The wooden boards in the living and dining areas give way to textured slate tiles in the cooking area.

    These are a much more practical choice for an area that’s likely to get splashed. Slate is impervious to water and its textured surface will prevent slips – always a good idea in a space where you might be walking around with precious crockery or sharp knives.

    The design also makes the most of every last bit of natural light. Wall-to-wall glass doors offer up an uninterrupted view of the garden from the dining area, with extra illumination from the skylight above the table.

    Plus there’s a sneaky extra window to the right of the food preparation area, so the person doing the cooking doesn’t feel sun-deprived.

    We could go on and on about the subtle interplay of textures (slate + hi-gloss + natural wood =
    dreamy), the careful blend of muted colours (check out those pendant lights!) the clever mix of traditional and modern (those beautiful wooden bar stools), but that would spoil the many little surprises you’ll find if you allow your eyes to wander around the room.

    One final detail we can’t resist pointing out, though – if you’re knocking down walls to create an open-plan space, you might find yourself left with structural supports on show that you can’t take out without pulling the house down.

    If so, turn them into a feature, as so expertly demonstrated here:

    Painting the frame in the same shade of grey as the windows and units ties them into the rest of the scheme and picks up on the understated industrial vibe.

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