Designers at Home: Step inside Sophie Conran’s bedroom

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  • In this episode of Designers at Home we visit Sophie Conran’s bedroom in her stunning London home.

    Sophie has lived in this spacious apartment for around 28 years with her husband, Nick and her two children.
    Speaking of her bedroom, Sophie said: “There are three things in this room that I think work particularly well, in terms of a design perspective and the first one is the bed. As a child and all through my life, I’ve always done drawings of bedrooms and had ideas for how I thought that they would work, and one of the things that I’ve always put in is a four-poster bed.”
    Sophie says she sleeps incredibly well her bedroom, as this space is so simple and calming. This sort of simplicity is evident in the curtains, which are made of linen. They’re just single with these little ties at the top, and always lots of cushions, a sort of relaxed feel about it.
    The second thing is the curtains, which are also linen, but they’re lined with yellow. The room faces east, so even if it’s a miserable, grey day, there is a wonderful yellow glow that comes through the curtains in the morning.
    The third thing that works well is the large dressing table, which was designed by Sophie’s father, Terence Conran. Sophie uses it every day and it’s got a lovely mirror which is inset into its frame. Wing nuts give it an industrial feel. Sophie thinks that her father must have spent quite a lot of money on the brass pillars to make the perfect dressing table for his mother “He loved his mum, absolutely adored her, ” she says. “It must be about sixty-five years old and it’s still in use, so it’s gorgeous”.

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