Designers at Home: Step inside Sophie Conran’s kitchen

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  • In this episode of Designers at Home we visit Sophie Conran’s kitchen in her stunning flat in London.

    Sophie has lived in this spacious apartment in London for around 28 years with her husband, Nick and her children as they were growing up.

    The kitchen was first installed when Sophie was 20. Since then she has changed the flooring, the worktops and the paint colour, but she has kept the same kitchen cabinetry.

    In this video Sophie tells us three things that work particularly well in her kitchen.

    The first thing is the open shelves – they allow Sophie to see everything, which makes cooking much easier. It is also means all the items are at arms reach. Sophie likes to display items in groups. For example, she has displayed all her glass jars together.

    The second thing that works well is the antique clock that came from an old station in Scotland. Sophie loves the sense of history that this piece has.

    The third thing is the colour. Originally Sophie painted her kitchen yellow. When she came to refresh the scheme she wanted to go for a grey colour, but her daughter convinced her to go for a pink shade inspired by a box of miffy tissues.

    Now Sophie loved the uplifting shade and says it’s difficult to be in a bad mood in her kitchen.

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