8 times wall art made the room

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  • From morning latte in the kitchen to dinnertime drama in your dining space, we bring you tips on how to use wall art for maximum impact.

    1. Go big or go home

    Bring some artful drama to dinner time – think bold, oversized art that unapologetically dominates an otherwise classic space. Propping it against the wall rather than hanging up will boost the nonchalance factor.


    2. Shelf life

    We’re big believers in finding beauty in everyday objects, and who’s to say your bookshelves can’t be turned into a work of art in themselves? Layers of cool book covers make for an eclectic display that draws in the eye and invites you to have a flick through.

    3. The symmetry principle

    When in doubt, make it symmetrical. It’s a foolproof shortcut to maximising your art’s visual impact, especially in an otherwise paired-back space. Hang centrally, frame with a pair of lights and voilà – your art takes centre stage.

    4. The power of plenty

    Gallery walls are nothing new, but we’ll never get bored with the personalised, eclectic feel that’s achieved by grouping your favourite pieces together. Plus, no one says you need to start with blank canvas – take it up a notch with bold-coloured background for that fun, fashionable feel.

    5. Down memory lane

    If large-format artwork is not your thing, personalise your walls with a collage of your favourite photographs and postcards – guaranteed to bring back lovely memories every time you walk into the room. Arranged above the table, they will also make for a fun conversation starter come dinnertime.

    6. Easy does it

    Artwork needn’t be bold to make a big impact. Keep it tonal with delicate hues for a laid-back, easy look that still feels cohesive and considered. It will make great canvas for layering plenty of interesting objects, bringing the neutral space to life.

    7. The crafts corner

    Wall art is not just about the paintings. Bring texture to your walls with a cool, sculptural piece that makes for an unusual focal point while blending seamlessly into the room scheme. The crafty feel means it’s perfect for more casual spaces too.

    8. Light it up

    Ever since we fell in love with industrial-style interiors, converted warehouse living and the cool, rough-luxe aesthetic, we’re rather partial to a spot of neon sign at home. Plus, it’s all about the positive affirmations, right?

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