Dolce & Gabbana design hand-painted Smeg fridges – and you won’t believe the price

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  • Shall I buy a house or a fridge? Decisions, decisions…

    Go a spare £30,000 kicking about? Well, how’s this for an investment…

    You can now snap up a hand-painted designer fridge for the cost of a small flat in some parts of the country.

    Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg have just announced a new partnership – the creation of 100 stunning hand-painted FAB28R-DG fridges on sale for £30,000 each.

    The limited edition collection has been created by local Sicilian artists, under the personal direction of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

    The one-off fridges feature provincial symbols and historical medieval scenes inspired by the decoration of Sicilian horse carts – embellished with classic floral motifs.

    Each fridge took a whopping 240 hours of work to complete, making them stunning works of art for the heart of your home (although you would probably want to get rid of your novelty holiday
    magnets and your kids’ drawings will need to find another home,

    Given the two iconic brands behind the project, the fridges are surely to be snapped up in no time.

    If you fancy saving up for The Fridge To End All Fridges you can enquire about buying one of the 100 hand-painted designs by calling 0844 557 9907 or visiting

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