Wilko is having a major garden furniture sale – here are our 5 top buys for under £100

Spruce up your garden without having to spend a fortune

Wilko indoor and outdoor planters
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One of our favourite budget-friendly stores, Wilko, has launched its big summer sale with up to 50% off across homeware, kitchens, outdoor living, and more – but what we've got our eye on are these sweet garden deals for under £100.

Trying to nab some of the best garden furniture this summer doesn't have to set you back hundreds, in fact, with these savings from Wilko, you don't even need to touch the £100 mark at all. Whether you're planning a staycation, hosting a garden party, or just after a good excuse to rejig and redecorate your outdoor living room, consider it fate that Wilko's summer sale has come around just at the right time.

L Shaped outdoor rattan garden furniture seating

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Wilko big summer sale – our top garden picks for under £100

You know there's nothing we enjoy more than a budget garden idea, and best believe these picks are definitely on our radar as exceptionally easy garden ideas to instantly spruce up any tired-looking outdoor space.

Here's what we think are the best garden furniture deals to shop from the Wilko sale – and if you see anything you like, act fast because it might not be around for long.

4 seater garden dining table set with parasol

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Charles Bentley Large Black Industrial Mirror| was £139.00now £99.00 at Wilko

Charles Bentley Large Black Industrial Mirror | was £139.00 now £99.00 at Wilko

We're loving how creative people have been getting with transforming their gardens using something as simple but effective as a garden mirror. If you've got a small garden and are looking to extend its boundaries seamlessly, this large mirror could be just the thing you need to create a tranquil hideaway and reflect your outdoor greenery.

Charles Bentley Folding Metal Bistro Set Orange | was £120.00now £96.00 at Wilko

Charles Bentley Folding Metal Bistro Set Orange | was £120.00 now £96.00 at Wilko

We love a bistro set as much as the next person, but even more so if it's going for less than £100 (cue the cult Aldi rattan bistro set we've previously been obsessed over). This one comes in the cutest orangey pink to give your garden just the right amount of a pop of colour.

Royalcraft Ivory 2.5 Crank & Tilt Parasol Brushed Aluminium |was £129.00now £70.00 at Wilko

Royalcraft Ivory 2.5 Crank & Tilt Parasol Brushed Aluminium | was £129.00 now £70.00 at Wilko

Don't get us wrong, we love the sun, but sometimes it can get a little too much – especially during its peak in the middle of the day. This classic and minimal-looking parasol is the perfect garden shade idea.

Yougarden Citrus Fruit Tree 6L Pot |was £36.00now£32.00 at Wilko

Yougarden Citrus Fruit Tree 6L Pot | was £36.00 now £32.00 at Wilko

If you're looking to embrace full Italian Nonna Chic this summer and channel those Sicilian vibes, adding a little citrus fruit tree to your garden may very well be the way forward.

Charles Bentley Wrought Iron Coffee Table Sage Green |was £90.00now £64.00 at Wilko

Charles Bentley Wrought Iron Coffee Table Sage Green | was £90.00 now £64.00 at Wilko

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this garden table is? In case you weren't aware, we're pretty convinced that green is the new neutral, and this sage green is sure to be a stunning addition to any outdoor kitchen idea. Cue the alfresco dining!

If there's a common theme we've got going on here, it's that we're definitely leaning into those colourful garden vibes – because let's face it, life is too short to stick to neutral for absolutely everything – and for less than £100, these star buys are oh-so-tempting for your own outdoor spaces.

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