Be inspired by this clean and contemporary bathroom update

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  • Having lived in this home for almost 12 years, the owner wanted to redecorate to give the interior a fresh new look that was more to her taste. ‘I decided to start in the bathroom because it was most in need of attention – it was a daily struggle sharing such a small space with my three daughters. Knocking through into the toilet next door would give us more room.’ Getting the layout right in such a tiny space proved difficult. The owner received three different quotes before she made her decision. For instance, because she could only have a bath that was 1,500mm long rather than the standard 1,700mm, it was suggested that she choose a wider design to compensate for the shorter length. ‘I knew I wanted a grey colour palette, but wasn’t sure how to balance this hue in a compact area, while still keeping it bright and open as possible. I decided to start by researching the other elements in order to get an idea of the overall look.

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