5 game-changing tips for easy entertaining

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    Whether it’s Sunday lunch for the family or dinner with friends, designing the perfect kitchen for entertaining is key, and your choice of appliances can make all the difference…

    Our kitchens are an integral part of our everyday life and open-plan kitchen-diners are a popular and versatile option – but how do you guarantee yours will be practical enough for family life and stylish enough for a dinner party?

    If you’re keen on entertaining, size does matter, so invest in a large oven and an efficient cooker hood. Also, you’ll need a fridge-freezer with enough capacity to stock up on drinks and all the food you have prepared in advance of your dinner party.

    Fortunately, you can rely on Beko’s innovative ranges to cover all of your entertaining needs.

    Here are some key points to consider to ensure your new kitchen becomes a multifunctional space that everyone can enjoy…

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    1. Cook smart

    Your oven is a key place to start, and Beko’s built-in ovens combine style and practicality. With a choice of black, white or stainless steel, they’ll fit seamlessly into any design, whether you favour city chic or a country kitchen style. The glass window makes it easy to see how dishes are cooking, so you can relax and enjoy company without having to continuously open the oven and check on your food.

    When hosting, Beko’s Split and Cook BVM34500 oven is perfect as it allows you to cook two different meals at the same time at different temperatures – perfect for fussy guests or if you want to make dinner and dessert at the same time. And when the party is over, Beko’s pyrolytic ovens make cleaning a breeze. At the touch of a button, they clean themselves. Reaching a temperature of 480°, the oven will burn any traces of grease and food to ash, which can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth.

    Beko hob

    2. Pick the perfect hob

    Whether you’re whisking up a classic hollandaise, or poaching pears, your hob is a vital part of the kitchen. An induction hob with a frameless, ceramic surface, like the Induction HII645000FHT not only looks seamlessly stylish but it’s super-efficient, too, as it heats only the surface of  the pan, saving time as well as energy.

    Not ready to convert from gas? Enjoy the style and convenience of a ceramic glass finish with a built-in gas hob like the QHGW6422B, which includes a wok burner for fast, healthy stir-fries.

    3. Install a cooker hood

    When you want your kitchen to be both a cooking space and dinner venue, a Beko cooker hood is a must. It will keep grease, smoke, condensation to a minimum and there’s a choice of styles from stainless steel industrial chic to elegant glass ones with built-in lights to illuminate your hob.

    4. Pick a showstopper

    If you’re lucky enough to have space to play with, you can enjoy creating an open plan kitchen that combines the best of integrated and freestanding appliances from Beko.

    A free-standing fridge-freezer is supremely practical as well as good looking and this knock-out American-style model has Multi-zone technology that lets you switch a compartment from a fridge to a freezer or vice versa at the touch of a button, depending on your needs. It also features the genius EverFresh+ function which keeps fruit and veg fresh for up to 30 days, which is brilliant for reducing food waste. The water and ice dispenser is a bonus, too – G&T anyone?

    Beko 1841

     5. Invest in a dishwasher

    When the dinner party’s over,  this will be your saviour – it’ll halve your workload and it’s more eco-friendly than washing up by hand, especially if you choose from Beko’s EcoSmart energy-efficient range, which only uses six litres of water per load. If space is an issue, opt for a slimline dishwasher from Beko. It’s the Tardis of the dishwasher world – 45cm wide – yet capable of cleaning up to 10 place settings. And several models have speedy programmes that will deliver sparkling crockery and cutlery in half an hour… job done!

    For a superb range of stylish and innovative appliances, visit Beko.co.uk. All built-in appliances come with a two-year guarantee as standard.

    95% of customers would recommend Beko

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