7 easy ways to create a baker’s kitchen

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  • Ready, set, bake

    Think you could rival Ian as the Great British Bake Off’s next star baker? Before you dust off your KitchenAid and grab a wooden spoon, you need to get the basics rights – and we’re not just talking about mastering shortcrust pastry.

    These are the easiest ways to create a better baker’s kitchen.

    After all, who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked loaf or the enticing mixture of sugar and butter wafting through the house.

    1. Open up

    Open shelves are ideal for storing those bulkier items such as bundt tins, mixers, flours and sugars. Creating an impressive shelving display does require an element of organisation mind. Think about the colour and shape of what you are storing, and keep those most frequently used items near the front.

    2. Cookbook confidential

    Can’t live without the latest instalment from Nigella? Yes, we love our cookbooks but as our collections swell, storage can become an issue. Organisation and efficiency are so important, especially in kitchens. Use open shelves and awkward spots under wall cabinets to stack and store your cookbooks, ideally next to a workstation for easy reaching.

    3. On a roll

    Solid-surface countertops, such as marble, are ideal for rolling out dough, kneading bread dough, or working with chocolate. When chilled, a marble surface will keep dough and pastry from sticking – particularly when you don’t want to keep on adding extra flour into the mix.

    4. Step into the light

    As any Great British Bake Off fan will know, when it comes to the perfect bake, precision is key. Whether it’s natural or artificial, great light in your kitchen will make everything shine – and improve your cake decoration skills.

    5. The double oven

    If you have the space, the double oven is the height of luxury for the home baker. As the single oven owner will know, not every item bakes at the same temperature, so you can find yourself hanging around waiting for the oven to cool before you can finish baking that celebration cake. Double ovens will save you time.

    6. Time to surface

    There’s no denying that baking can be messy, so easy to clean surfaces are key. Choose granite, quartz, marble or stainless steel for cool, clean surfaces. If you’re a regular baker, why not set up a workstation too?

    7. The toolbox

    There are seemingly endless numbers of utensils and gadgets you can buy for baking but finding the perfect place to store them can be tricky. Here, a collection of chopping boards are hung and displayed as if they were art. This could also work nicely with cake molds.

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