7 easy ways to give your kitchen the wow factor without spending big

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  • No time or cash to do a big overhaul of your kitchen? Step this way

    Replacing your kitchen with a swanky new design is a massive undertaking for your purse (and your time). But if you don’t have the funds or energy for a big project there are several quick wins that can really boost your kitchen space in no time at all…

    1. Paint the units

    If your wooden units have seen better days, spruce them up with a lick of paint. Wipe clean your cupboard doors well and leave to dry before using specialist kitchen paint – such as Dulux Kitchen Plus. While you’re at it (and if you have the budget) replace your unit’s handles for another easy update.

    2. Put a new colour on the walls

    If you have tiles floor to ceiling then this will obviously be more of an undertaking, but for kitchens with painted walls (or part painted) this is the easiest kitchen win of all. Be sure to clean your walls before painting – grease gets EVERYWHERE – and always choose specific kitchen paint for the same reason.

    3. Invest in new (small) appliances

    When I renovated my kitchen earlier this year, I replaced my kettle and toaster – and it made such a difference to the finished room that I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a new look without spending big. Choose a stand-out design, colour and style and it will really lift your room for under £100. For extra sprucing, invest in matching tea towels, washing up bowl and accessories.

    4. Improve storage

    This one can be done very easily (and on a shoestring budget). Firstly, clear out any appliances you don’t ever use and any chipped or damaged crockery. Next, stack your cupboards in order of use and location – cups above the kettle, pots and pans next to the oven – you get the idea.

    5. Replace your taps

    There’s nothing more grim in a kitchen than a grotty sink and tap with heavy-duty limescale and grime, and, as small as it seems, don’t underestimate the power of a new tap. You can get some brilliant designs for not much cash at the usual meagstore suspects.

    6. Give the grouting a clean

    This one’s every easy – but requires serious elbow grease. Use a dry cloth to wipe over the grouting to remove any dust and loose grime, then get to work with your cleaner of choice (usually bleach based) and an old toothbrush. Rinse the area well with warm water and leave to dry. If you want to get the colour back to your grout, you can now buy pretty nifty grout colouring pens which are very easy to use (and do exactly what they say on the tin).

    7. Think about lighting

    Think about the bulbs you’re using and the effect they are giving – too bright and it’s all a bit much, and too low and the room feels dingy. Under-unit lighting along your worksurfaces can also have a brilliant effect. Install two horizontal bulbs at either at end of your longest stretch and it will feel like you’re in a new room every time you’re cooking.

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