5 amazingly clever game-changing kitchen gadgets

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  • Spend your life in the kitchen? Then you need these bad boys...

    While there’s nothing better than spending a seriously productive session in the kitchen whipping up something truly fabulous that you’re proud as punch to serve up at the dinner table, cooking for yourself and your family day-in day-out can feel like you’re on a bit of a treadmill.

    Luckily there is now a gadget available for pretty much every ‘I wish they would invent…’ thought you’ve ever had, and they certainly deliver. Here are a few of our favourite game-changing gadgets that need a place in your kitchen…

    Speed up with perfect peeling

    This nifty little number from
    Joseph Joseph speeds up – and improves – your peeling prowees. The Rotary Peeler comes with three different blades – standard, serrated or juliienne – which you select by rotating the peeler’s hub until the blade you need appears.
    The peeler makes light work of every fruit or vegetable on the block and comes complete with potato-eye remover. Clever, huh? Not that we’d expect nothing less than Joseph Joseph, which launched in 2003 with a range of brilliantly useful appliances to make life that little bit easier.

    Spruce up your steaks

    Cooking the perfect steak takes time, effort and energy. Speed up your prep (without taking away from your flavour) with the brilliantly named ‘Flavouriser’ from Joseph Joseph. You can use the all-in-one for tenderising or flattening your meat, grinding spices for rubs or juicing to make marinades.

    Keep chilli at bay

    Serious flavour requires fresh pack-a-punch chillies. Cutting them is a chore and nearly ALWAYS results in chilli in eye, despite your ‘I will not get chilli in my eye’ cooking mantra.
    The answer? A Chilli Mill which allows you to store and chop dried chillies ready for any dish or seasoning.

    Style it our with a spiralizer

    A spiralizer is the gadget of the year – and it’s easy to see why. It whizzes veggies and raw food into thin spaghetti, ribbons, thick noodles or curly fries. Try this Spiralite Vegetable Spiralizer from Amazon.

    Speed up your chopping

    When you’re preparing a fest your chopping board tends to take the brunt of the prep. This Quirky Mocubo Bamboo Chopping Board with Storage Drawers lets you slice, dice and organise like the chef you know you can be.

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